7 Aug 07
Forgot to mention a sighting of the FUN flag early this morning.

The internet connection was down late yesterday and earlier today.
Today's weather is excellent.
Jumping started 1/2 hour late because buses from 'the other hotel' were 1/2 late. 'The other hotel' is apparently much different than the one most people are staying in.

I'm still trying to catch all the teams for pictures so I haven't seen too many of the dives. I don't have a feed at OmniSkore Central.
AE is moving along now. They did not start until late yesterday. The AE judges were given 50 dives to judge at around 6:30. (Buses leave at 8) They arranged for late buses and stayed until 9:30. When they got back to the hotel there was no food available.

This is the official name of all the competitions.


Dmitry Ovodenko

Jumps for the day ended at 7PM.

Today's sights:

These two are the kids of the photographer for Team 304, Ekaterina Kopylova.

Later that day.... she put the kids in the seats as she went off for a jump.

Some serious minded competitors creeping in the 'cool' hanger.

This is the French team practicing at the mock-up.

The British are relaxing in their tent between jumps.

FS judges hard at work in a very HOT room.


Jan Meyer, Chief Engineer and Webmaster