23 Aug 2007

8-way did 2 rounds yesterday. Today they decided to shorten the competition to 6 rounds.

On round 2, Sky Sharks had someone that was really lost. (Hey, we've all been there) It was really funny. The jumper tried to dock in the wrong place on the frisbee. Then he moved over and put his knee in the right place, but took a grip on the bipole base grip. Finally, he corrected and took the right grip. Probably, because of fatigue. The 'hot tip' I always heard was to turn slowly in what you think is your slot and when they take grips on you, stop turning.

This morning Evolution Black Cat lost 3 points on round 3 because of an edge-on camera view.

My long time friend Elena is doing video for Sky Sharks today.

Last night Andrew, Vladimir and Lidiya kept me up until 1:30 am. Andrew said 'Don't worry about tommorrow, you can sleep until 3 pm' Then he calls me at 8:15 am to get out here. ;) The sips of vodka and brandy were good.

Now, the 8-way meet is back to 10 rounds. We are just starting to judge round 6. Dimitry is having a hard day with exits today. He's leaving a bit too early and the Black Cat's first point (or 3) are edge-on and cannot be seen by the judges.

Now, the 8-way meet officially ended at 6 rounds. Sky Sharks will be jumping all 10 rounds because they want to use up their fees and get more practice and learn how the dives will be judged.

Hummm... Sky Sharks are doing well, but brainlocks continue to plague them. That tip of turning in your slot until they take grips would have come in handy on the second build of the Swiss Bear block.

Dimitry told me that the jumps he did with Evolution Black Cat were the first ones he did with them.
Sky Sharks posted a 9 in round 9. (only a tiny brainlock this time)
I hope we don't get one of those military or air show holds now.

Some of the other activities at the DZ today.

The last load of Sky Sharks at Russian Nationals.

They posted a 7 for round 10 - and no brainlocks too!

Bye-bye to all my Russian friends - the old ones and the new ones. See you whenever, where ever.
I had another great Russian trip and had a lot of fun. I'll be checking in online tommorrow, but then will travel back to SoCal on Saturday.

PS - I miss my dogs, RePete and Max.


Jan Meyer, Chief Engineer and Webmaster