22 Aug 2007

Jumpers are jumping. Someone on the first load had a malfunction.

Round 5 is judged now. Black Cat and Crossroad are one point apart. Their dives have been very good and clean. Third place is held by Barkli with SkyTek only 2 points behind.

DZ Mom dog

What a race in the the A class. Y-2 has a one point lead over Goodock. SkySharks and Econika are tied.

Back to the open class, Crossroad's 6th round gave the judges a very hard time with false starts. The dive was pretty clean.
Airshow hold until 11.

Two teams creepering

OmniSkore Central plus Event Judge Station. From left to right: DZTV monitor, lappy for website updates, OmniSkore lappy, DVD player, local OS wireless, Event judge monitor.

Barkli lost a grip on the diamond on exit and was busted to 18 on Round 6.
Black Cat posted a 22 in round 6. They maintain their one point lead over Crossroad.
Jumping is back on too.

Turns out that part of the airshow hold was because we were waiting for some US Air Force aircraft to land.

Thanks to Dimitry, who just started AFF, for taking the rest of the team pictures yesterday.

Here is one of the Russian military jumpers under an unmodified round. They had also tossed a dummy under the same canopy. The dummy had lots of oscillation during most of the descent. It damped out just before landing.

I've just been informed that there is also an 8-way event. There are two teams registered. Russia only needs one team to run an event at Nationals.
8-way Draw R 1-6
8-way Draw R 7-10

Y-2 lost about a second of working time on Round 7 because the photographer left early. They then busted point 10. They got 13 on the round. That might open the door for Goodok.
Preliminary score for Godock is 14. They busted point 11 and get 13 for the round.
SkySharks bust point 4 and get 13 for the round.
Econika preliminary is 14. Econika busts the 7th and 14th points to post a 12 for the round.
One point between 1st and second and one point between 3rd and 4th.

Black Cat increases its lead by posting 19 in round 7 to Crossroad's 17.

Round 7 complete and judged. Time for lunch.

Crossroad posts a 21 for round 8.
Scorpians had some bad video on exit and lost some points that way.
Sky 45 had off screen exit too and lost one point.
Black Cat posted a 23 and extends its lead by two more points.

SkySharks busted a few points and fell to 4th place. Econika posted a strong 10.
Then Goodok flailed their exit. Some went on to the next point, when others did not. Then they had a long conversation to decide what point to build. And they were not showing separation. They got a 7.
Y-2 came on strong and posted a 16 with the first point a bust.

Barkli and Crossroad posted strong 20s for round 9. Black Cat added more lead points by posting a very clean 22. Great job.

Open 4-way finished with Black Cat extending its lead to 10 points. Great job by all. 8-way next.


Jan Meyer, Chief Engineer and Webmaster