21 Aug 2007

Good Morning!
The weather looks great. There are 11 teams in open and 4 in the A class.

4-Way Draws:
4-way Open Rnds 1-6
4-way Open Rnds 7-10
4-way A Rnds 1-6
4-way A Rnds 7-8

It is the ole 'military restriction' reason that jumping has not started yet. The DZ is waiting for permission to jump.

SkySharks Round 3 - 10-way
SkySharks Round 5 - 10-way

We are still on a military air traffic hold.
Here are some of the jumpers training hard.
Sergey, photographer from Econika, in the one on the right.

I learned that the air traffic conflict is because of an airshow somewhere nearby. The airshow runs all week long. There is no schedule or way for the DZ to know when they will be able to jump. In fact, Fyodor told me that the words schedule, organize and quick have no Russian translations. ;)

Jumping comenced with the military at the other end of the airport doing their sorties. The civilian jumping is halted when they do SL runs because their helicopters circle through the opening space of canopies. So they are done now and the competition and fun jumps are starting.

4-way is moving along. I have been drafted as the event judge again, as well as, helping the judges use OmniSkore. Tommorrow we will rearrange the furniture and computers so that I can at least upload scores as they get posted.
The good news is that the judges are now using all the penalty buttons instead of editing point markers after the fact. They need improvement on getting the same edit button press. Split times are somtimes as large as 0.5 seconds.

We stayed to judge all the dives that were jumped today. Only some of the judges have mastered using multiple buttons. The rest edit after the fact. That takes much longer. Split times (aka false starts) were a big problem. There was one team that had a 'wierd' exit motion and the photographer only showed part of the team in the door.

There is a tight race in the A class and open.


Jan Meyer, Chief Engineer and Webmaster