18 Aug 2007
Ok the weather is great, the competitors are here.
The draw for 2-way is posted and the teams are dirt diving.
I'll try and figure out a way to show the dive sequences.
They will do 5 rounds with 25 seconds working time.
There will be 5 loads per round.
The first load takes off in an hour.

After some learning curve for the judges, they are now judging at a faster rate.
The dubbing is 'every team has a DVD to itself.' as opposed to 'one round per DVD'. That is creating a bit of a problem with the slight backlog. Once the judges get caught up it should run smoother.

Also the wireless keeps dropping or won't connect, so updates may be sporatic.

SkySharks had a camera problem and had unjudgable video. It skipped. They got a 0 for round 1. Bummer.

There was a protest by Team 217 Y-2. They were busted 4 points in round 2 because they improperly mirror imaged the bottom of the block.

Andrew will sometime, send me pics of the blocks. He is very busy judging and many other things.

Round 5 of 2-way is being jumped now. The judges are still on round 3. There are lots of interuptions that tend to string out the judging. But the 'good' news is that sunset is very late here ~around 10pm.

The start of 10-way has been pushed back until tommorrow.

JetBats just posted a 20 in round 3 to take sole possesion of third place.

Round 3 is judged now. The plan is to judge round 4 tonight. That will probably take us until 11 pm. Right now it looks like round 5 will be judged tommorrow morning.
The last load just landed. They ONLY did 93 loads today. This place is busy!
Andrew is off doing the 10-way draw, so judging will start again whenever.

Sky Sharks posted a 20 in round 4.

Judges are calling it a night. They are too tired.


Jan Meyer, Chief Engineer and Webmaster