Saturday 10  September

GodFrog morning everybody! We have low clouds this morning, supposed to clear up, time to go pour some coffee into the processors...

...a peek in the mailbox makes my day. Hi to Geno in Iraq and Jason in the UK, thanks for the very kind remarks. You guys rock too.

Still on cloud hold - teams were released until 0900 - I just got through making the 10-way team pages. Please refresh the home page as the 10-way link has changed.

Saturday is usually a very slow mail day, but I am humbled by the kudos flowing into my inbox. Thank you all for the very kind words, I really really do appreciate it ;-)


...a new or updated 10-way dive pool proposal to USPA. They are still using the same ones I submitted almost 10 years ago. I'd like to see some of them stay, like the Wright Flier and Raeford Dragon, but let's at least replace the pinwheel and the nova with something more a 10-way compressed accordian, or a 5-way star with 5 leg-locks, remember those? Now THAT would be fun...

10-way is taking off...QUICK...need some help here...where is the CGI Godfrog Award right now? Anyone know? Elsinore Armageddon 10 won it last year. For a complete history of the oldest trophy in formation skydiving, see here...

...THANK YOU...we now have a 10-digit grid coordinate on the CGI Godfrog will be rolled out soon for public viewing I hope...teams are landing now...

...tee hee...Robin Heid has been publishing the wonderful "Daily Vibe" newsletter here every afternoon, it's full of great quotes and stuff...last night Robin showed me the "Thanks Omniskore Tim & Ted!" box prominently displayed on page two...Thanks Robin, we really appreciate it! Just one little detail though: Ted's not here. I'm doing this by myself this year. But Tedro does deserve some big thanks for that amazing pile of circuit boards we know as OmniSkore!

...I've received several requests to post the canopy piloting scores, I will post them as soon as I can get my hands on them, which won't be for a while. Is posting any results at all, or just pictures?

Here we go, we have some 10-way being judged...previously speaking of so few 8-way teams from Florida, where are the 10-way teams too? They usually love this stuff...round 1 is quickly in the can and our top three teams are the Knights, Airspeed, and Texxians. Sounds like a familiar medal lineup! Sky Sharks (g) also had a good jump.

An email from John Kallend:

The GF history is not quite complete. I have not been able to track down the winners for 1981, 1993 or 1996. If any of your readers can shed light on the mystery, please let me know.

Anyone out there know?


The CG award was NOT awarded in 1996 as WE FEAR NO BEER, didn't believe their was a suitable candidate. We gave it to Tons of Fun in 1997. WE FEAR NO BEER kept CG safe throughout 1996 at Skydive Lebanon, Maine. Kallend great site !!! Thanx! all &  Blueskys!!! - Josh Wolfe

Thanks Josh!

On with round 2, Airspeed had a mediocre jump while the Knights pounded out the first sub-ten-second score of the meet...tee hee nice racetrack of jumpers flying around two base people about 40 feet apart...that was pretty funny...

...round 2 is done now and Airspeed and Texxians are separated by 9/100s of a point for second place...will the Knights hold on for that elusive 2005 gold medal? Time for some lunch...

...I am assuming that Chris is taking the 10-way team photos today, he's been taking them for us all week, but I haven't seen him so that's why there are no team photos posted...I'll check into it...

Round 3 being judged...pardon the light tidbits but I'm packing up and socializing more this final day...AHA...the team photos have arrived, thank you Chris...hack hack...that Russian team, Sky Sharks, is putting up some impressive numbers here and they are ranked second in scoring average...

What is this, round 4? Okay then, roll 'em...WOOHOO that was a nice jump by the Knights...waka waka 8.59 less than 24 hours I'll be back home holding my kids...oops, sorry about that, thinking out loud again...all teams are being pretty consistent and after 4 rounds the Knights have a solid lead with Airspeed and Deguello Texxians in the silver and bronze positions, and those Russians are doing some outstanding 10-way jumps, just a few seconds behind the Knights in the standings...

...attention all you waiting for Canopy Piloting results: If I don't get anything from the Meet Director by 1800 -- that's in two hours -- I won't be able to post them before I leave, and you will need to get them from the host. '

Round 5 arrives like clockwork, on the hour. Airspeed had their slowest jump yet at 17.04, and the Knights continued to shine with a, I just got an email from a USPA board member who says the 10-way dive pool is on the agenda...and after 5 rounds, the Knights all but have the gold medal around their necks, but the Texxians are less than 6 seconds behind Airspeed for the silver, and that's close enough to stay up for...

Before round six starts and I start hauling scoring processors to the dump er the truck, I want to congratulate all the competitors, Skydive Perris for doing it right once again, USPA, and all of you out there for the (mostly) wonderful comments, I really do appreciate it and I hope I do the sport justice on these pages. Also, I'm going to take some photos at the banquet tonight and I hope to have one more tidbits page up tomorrow night.

And round six now...Airspeed posts a 13.42 to lock up the silver medal...followed quickly by the Knights with a 11.06 to lock up their gold...congratulations Knights! Well done, you'll go home with at least one gold medal...and finally, those Texxians close out with a 14.16. Outstanding.

Here come the Sky Sharks, they close things out with a 23.67, and that, might friends is a wrap. I'll have some final notes here after the banquet as I know of at least two awards to be announced but nobody knows who the recipients are (well, one of them anyway, the CGI GodFrog award).

2030 Sign-Off
And the winner of the 2005 CGI GodFrog Award is JumpZillas, and earlier the judges decided to present a special judges' medal to the Golden Knights for "Creative Excellence in Skydiving Entertainment." See it here. I'm outa here. Good night! -T2

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