Sunday 4 September

WHOOHOO! We have internet! Omniskore setup madly in progress. CF scores have been posted but need corrections - they are not official yet, we got a bug to fix in Netpost. Back to work...where does this cable go...

...a quick peek in the email bucket finds this:

OmniDudes! Help!! I'm out here in freakin' Afghanistan desperately waiting to read the Tidbits, see the pictures, and lurk the Nationals since I can't be there! No more delays in coverage - get that equipment up and running, grab a nice bottle of wine and/or a few beers, some fried chicken, and take care of the starving masses out here wishing we were there! Best wishes to all the teams, a big hello to Chris, and let the games begin . . .

Blue Skies,


It's all coming soon, hang in there!

Lots of emails wanting to know where the AE scores are. I have to finish setting up Omniskore systems before I can spend more attention on the internet. Please be patient, thank you!

OKAY OKAY OKAY, all CF and AE event results have been posted, team pages too. Tidbits photos coming shortly..., it is busy out there! I'm hearing that there's over 80 4-way teams registered, and that they are starting a 0630 tomorrow with the plan to put in 6 full rounds of 4-way. That is...let's see here...80 times 5 jumpers times 6 jumps...2400 jumps. Running 4 Otters at once. Gee, do you think the judges will be *BUSY* tomorrow? Competitors, take good care of them! Just leave the beer and wine outside the judges' room with your team number on the case.

Note to self...forgot to dye hair...showed up at another nationals with more gray hear the Al Gramando...DOH...

A very busy day of preparation draws to a close. I'm think I'm starting to get the hang of this stuff. All 80-ish 4-way team pages are up (but no photos yet - and if I get one email pointing that out before Tuesday morning, I quit).

Lots and lots of familiar friends and old faces here. Greetings abound from the field: From myself, hello to A1R3R4. Many folks send their best to Mom & Dad waz. Everyone from East of the Mississippi (and some West) says hello to Chris. Carey & I a big hello to Kirsten. I could go on forever here, but there's a meet to cover.

First call tomorrow is 0630, starting with Intermediate. To my right in the photo is some guy who runs the NSL, forget his name right now. Burt? No, Kurt! Yeah, that Gaebel guy. Has some pretty good nationals coverage going on over HERE.

It's beer thirty now, and time for some chow...

Well this is the earliest I've ever punched out the night before Day One. Skydive Perris has all the cogs in place and it looks like the machine is going to be cranking hard tomorrow. I want y'all to keep in mind that I'll be running DZTV first and updating these pages second so if the tidbits are running a little slow the next couple days, well I'll try to make up for quantity with quality. G'night. T2

PS I seem to be having an internet issue where IE is not loading the pages as I save the changes but other browsers (Firefox, Opera) see the new pages instantly. Anyone know why that might be?

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