Saturday 16 October

My apologies for a late start this morning; my internet connection was down, but we are in business now.

We are not going to get wheels up at 0800 as planned yesterday because of a very low ceiling this morning. We can only wait and watch at the moment. I'll try to give you updates every half-hour.

The ceiling hasn't gotten any lower but it hasn't gotten much higher either. Stand by. In the meantime, I am busy fat-fingering the data into the Style Final Standings tables. I'll post them as soon as I'm told by the Chief Judge for S&A that they are official and final.

Very little change in the weather. Wow! Watching these clouds drift is almost as exciting as watching the paint dry.

The weather is slowly improving, but it will be a while yet.

The Style results have been declared official and the winners are:

Intermediate: Kevin Krupski 45.49, Nick Dewhirst 72.79
Men's Open: Shawn Callahan 33.43, James Hayhurst 34.52, Chris Moore 35.20
Women's Open: Elisa Feldt 35.10, Angela Nichols 38.49, Rhonda Reichel 41.06

For the complete results, follow the link to the left to the final standings tables.

It's slowly improving. Maybe in another hour.

The Meet Director just released all competitors until 1100.

Still waiting. *yawn*

The photo to the left shows Lori with a gift from Redline to the CF judges. Does this constitute a bribe? :-)


Skies have cleared. Wind dummy load for the stompers is up now. The two CF teams that still had to do Rotation Round 6 and the beginning of Round 7 are up.

Mary Beth Koolhaas added CF to her Regional Judge rating. Jan Meyer accidentally became a Regional CF Judge.

The skies cleared around noon, and planes started taking off. The two outstanding jumps from Round 5 Rotations and Speed have been done, and CF Rotations is underway, as is the final round of Accuracy. After Round 7 of Rotations, CF will switch to Speed.

The judges are judging the Round 6 jumps in Rotations.

Round 6 has been judged and nothing changed in the standings. The standings table can be viewed via the CF (CRW) link to the left.

The panel has begun to judge the Round 7 jumps. Over in the Accuracy world, the last round has been jumped and there are ties for first and for third. The jumpoffs will begin soon. I'd tell you who is involved if I knew, but they are on the other side of the runway and I don't have a commo link with the judges over there.

Round 7 has been judged and the standings table has been updated. There was no change in the standings. They will now switch to 8-Way Speed, the first teams just received their Now Call. And the Sport Accuracy teams are receiving their first calls as well.

I've been told -- and this is unofficial -- that after the jump-offs in Accuracy, the order of finish is Chris Moore, Shawn Callahan, James Hayhurst, and James Flenner.

The Meet Director has just declared that the 4-Way Rotation event is now final after seven rounds. The standings in the table are unofficial until I get a chance to verify the accuracy of the data presently there. The judges are now working 702 CrewZin's Round 6 jump, and they get a 66.23. After six rounds, 704 Red Line? Frayed Knot has a lead of about 50 seconds over 702 CrewZin, which has about an 18 second advantage over third place 701 Chuck's Buddies.

Round 7 of Speed is now being scrutinized by the judges, and Sport Accuracy is underway across the runway. 701 Chuck's Buddies received 120 because they failed to hold the formation for the required five seconds. After seven rounds, 704's lead is about 60 seconds over second place 702, and they lead 701 by about 50 seconds. One more round to judge.

Sport Accuracy has finished. I'll provide results when I get them IF I can get them.

The 2004 USPA National Skydiving Championships have been officially declared over. The judges are working on the last round of 8-Way Speed, and I'll post the standings in Accuracy and Sport Accuracy when I can get my hands on them. If it happens, it is likely to be late this evening.

And 704 scores a 41.29, the best round of the meet, to clinch the gold. 702 gets the silver and 701 the bronze.

The 2004 Combined Canopy Formation Champion is:

Frayed Knot
Joe Lambright
Ben Good
Kevin Vetter
Brian Pangburn
Pam Pangburn

4-Way Rotation:    First Place
4-Way Sequential: Second Place
8-Way Speed:       First Place


Eleven pages of S&A and Sport Accuracy just hit my desk. Check back in a couple of hours to see if I have them all posted yet.

The S&A final standings tables are up. It has been a great Nationals. We hope you have enjoyed it. See ya!!!

Ted "T1" Wagner, Chief Engineer | Tim "T2" Wagner, Webmaster