Thursday 14 October

There is fog on the DZ this morning. Looks to be as thick or maybe thicker than yesterday. Doesn't look like wheels up at 0645 is going to happen, but I haven't heard an official announcement yet. Stay tuned.

In the CF arena, Rotations is scheduled to go first this morning. For S&A, the plan is to start with Accuracy, then switch to Style when the winds pick up. But first we have to get rid of this fog.

The Meet Director just released all competitors until 0830.

The fog is lifting and the Meet Director expect to send the first loads of CF Rotation and Accuracy up around 0845.

Here are the top places after the first round of Style:

In Men's Open (22 competitors):

James Hayhurst leads with 6.67, Shawn Callahan is second with 6.68, Chris Moore is third with 7.00, Tim Reynolds is forth at 7.57, and Marty Jones is fifth at 7.67.

In Women's Open (4 competitors):

Elisa Feldt is first with 6.86, Angela Nichols is second with 7.92, Rhonda Reichel third at 8.87, and Janet Flenner has 15.52 for fourth place.

In Intermediate (2 competitors):

Kevin Krupski has 9.20 and Nick Dewhirst has 11.90

The first plane load of CF Rotations is down. When the second load gets down and the dubbing is done, the judges will score the first round of Rotations.



The first round of Rotation has been scored and 604 Frayed Knot sprints out of the starting gate with a 12, 602 Redline is second with 7, and 603 Lodi CRW follows with 5.

The second round of Rotation has been judged, and 604 Frayed Knot is clearly the team to beat. They threw away the 10 they got on Round 2 and have a 5-point lead over 602 Redline and 603 Lodi CRW, which are tied for second at 7.

The results of Rotation Round 3 are in. 605 Demolition Dweebies scored 11 which enabled them to come out of nowhere to claim second place, 6 points behind 604 Frayed Knot, which got 12 for the round. 602 Redline is two points behind in third place.

Rotation Round 4 results: 604 Frayed Knot had a cut-away after their seventh point, so the 7 they got became their throw-away round, but they held onto their 6 point lead over 605 Demolition Dweebies, which got a 10. 602 Redline is three points back in third place.

The plan is to do one more round of Rotation and then switch to 8-Way Speed.

More bits from Lyn Hannah:

One of the best parts of Nationals that the judges and meet officials miss is the antics in the plane as the teams climb to altitude.

On the first CF jump of the day there were three teams in the plane: Frayed Knot, Redline and Lodi CRW. Along with the CF teams were three accuracy "wind dummies". These are judges who determine the best spot for the accuracy competitors, then jump.

The plane continued to circle as the "wind dummies" contemplated the best exit spot. As the plane continued to circle the CF teams began groaning and rolling their eyes.

When the "wind dummies" found the best spot and exited, a collective cheer went up among the CF teams.

The Accuracy jumpers have finished for the day. They did four rounds today, so the event has six rounds in the can. I'll provide some results when I can get my hand on them. The Style jumpers are preparing to take to the air.

The judges have done their thing for Round 5, and 604 Frayed Knot has increased their lead to 7 points over 605 Demolition Dweebies. 602 Redline remains in third 5 points out of second.

The first two 8-Way Speed teams have landed and are dubbing as I type this. The other two teams should be down in 20 minutes or so.

Here are the standings in Accuracy after six rounds:


First: Kevin Krupski, 1.21
Second: Nick Dewhirst, 1.47

Men's Open:

First: Chris Moore 0.05
Second: Shawn Callahan 0.06
Third: James Flenner 0.07
Fourth: Greg Habermann 0.09

Women's Open:

First: Elisa Feldt 0.10
Second: Rhonda Reichel 0.12
             Angela Nichols 0.12
Fourth: Rose Mery 0.27

After the first round of Speed, 702 CrewZin leads with 66.88, 704 Red Line? Frayed Knot is second with 74.73, 701 Chuck's Buddies is third at 98.18 and 703 Kenny 8 is last with 120.0.

We have to make some adjustments to the server's file structure before we will be able to show the standings table on the CF (CRW) link. Please bear with us.

703 Kenny 8 had a camera malfunction on their Round 2 jump. I'm told the matter is being referred to the jury to see if they get a rejump. In the meantime all the other teams bettered their Round 1 jumps, so their Round 1 scores became their throw-away scores at this point. In Round 2, 702 CrewZin had the best time at 49.42, 701 Chuck's Buddies is next with 62.24, and 704 Red Line? Frayed Knot had 67.14.

The file structure problem (above) as been fixed and Speed scores are now being shown in the standings table.

602 Redline has been awarded a rejump for Round 5 in Rotations. 703 Kenny 8's request for a rejump of Round 2 of Speed due to a camera problem has been denied and they received a 120 for the round. Scores and standings may be seen at the CF (CRW) link.

The Style judging panel is now judging Round 3 of that event.

First call for CRW will be at 0630 in the morning. We think they will start with Sequential. Wheels up for the S&A wind dummies is scheduled for 0645.

The Style judges are still at it, and they say it will be a late night for them. I'm going to shut it down and head for the barn. Hopefully, I can post some style results first thing in the morning.

Ted "T1" Wagner, Chief Engineer | Tim "T2" Wagner, Webmaster