Wednesday 13 October

My internet connection has been down until now, but I back on line now.

We've been on a weather hold because of fog all morning, but they just gave a 30 minute call for CRW Sequential. Should be busy taking team photos soon.

The first round of Sequential has landed and camera flyers are dubbing to DVD for the judges. They should be busy soon. The Canopy Formation judges are Lori Harness (Event Judge), Hazel Ibbs, Ron Dion, Terry Tercier, Judy Celaya, and Al Altendorfer.

This note is from Lisa Olsen:

Welcome Jumpers to the 2004 USPA National Championships. We are looking for a great meet at this fine facility. Please meet our judges for this meet:
Chief Judge for Style & Accuracy: Lisa Olsen from Carbondale, CO
Event Judge for Style: Neil McGrath from Ottawa, Ont.
Event Judge for Accuracy: Marge Bates of Golden Knights fame, from Connecticut
Judge: Rina Gallo from Vancouver, B.C.
Judge: Barry McCauly from Chilliwak, B.C.
Judge: Charlie Markin from Snohomish, WA
Judge: Elisa Gwilliam from Miami, FL
Judge: Dick Barber from Enfield, CT

The judges have just finished judging the first round CF Sequential dives, and 505 Redline has taken the early lead with a score of 8 to 501 Frayed Knot's 6. 502 4-Play is in third place with 3 points.

Judging of the second round is now complete. 505 Redline retains first place with 8 points after throwing away the 7 they got in Round 2. 501 Frayed Knot got a 7 in Round 2, which let them throw away the 6 they got in Round 1. 502 4-Play and 506 Zoom Dweebies both scored 4's in Round 2 and are tied for third place.

We are now on a weather hold due to Santa Ana type winds. Between the time the fog lifted and the winds kicked up, a couple of rounds of Team Accuracy were jumped, but I haven't been able to get my hands on any results to report as yet. The Style event hasn't started yet.

The Meet Director just released all competitors until 1530.

First call for Crew Dawg Sequential teams for Round 3. Hopefully, the results for the round will be available in about an hour. In the meantime, these bits were furnished by Lyn Hannah, the camera flyer for 503 Lodi CRW featuring Ken Oka:

On the ride to altitude for the first CF jump of the 2004 Nationals the competitors joined in one of the reasons that makes CF competition so much fun, the camaraderie between the teams.

Four sequential teams were on the same plane: Frayed Knot, 4-Play, Lodi CRW, and Leah's Toads.

In CF tradition the teams were singing and telling jokes with each other.

They also checked each other's gear and helped calm the nerves of those that were anxious about the first jump in competition.

After Round 2 the competitors were put on a wind hold delaying further competition.

Thank you for that input, Lyn. Your contributions are always welcome.

The Style jumpers are also on first call.

The Round 3 jumps of CF Sequential have been judged. 505 Redline gets a 9, as does 501 Frayed Knot, to maintain their one-point lead. 502 4-Play gets a 4 to claim sole possession of third place over 506 Zoom Dweebies, which got a 3.

The Otter took off a few minutes ago with the first four teams for Round 4, so we should have the results for Round 4 available in an hour or so.

The panel as about to start judging CF Sequential Round 4. Results soon. Meanwhile, the Style panel is busy judging Round 1 of that event.

505 Redline got a 9 while 501 Frayed Knot received a 7, thus falling three points behind. 502 4-Play did a 5 to open a four-point lead for third place over 506 Zoom Dweebies.

CF Rotation will be first up in the morning; they have a call for wheels up at 0645, weather permitting. The S&A jumpers also have a call for wheels up at 0645.

Lisa Olsen just handed me a USB memory stick with Excel spreadsheets containing the results of the first two round of Accuracy. With a little luck, I'll be able to get that data onto the web page sometime tomorrow morning.


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