Tuesday 12 October

We enjoyed a brief shower here at the DZ early this morning, but the sun is shining now and Crew Dawgs and S&A jumpers are gearing up for more practice. Registration for those events will close late this afternoon, briefings will be this evening, and competition will start in the morning.

This CF tidbit was supplied by Lyn Hannah:

The CF competitors have arrived at Perris Valley and begun practice for the competition that begins tomorrow.

The practice has been keeping the Perris Valley staff busy picking CF jumpers up from around the DZ area. The staff is on top of it, though.

They watch the teams when they start back to the DZ, anticipate which field they will land in and have tgrucks waiting for the jumpers when they land. Some of the drivers turn donuts in the dirt fields to kick up dust so the jumpers will know the wind direction.

Registration has closed for the two 4-Way events. There will be six teams in Sequential and five in Rotation. Registration has been extended until tomorrow for 8-Way Speed. The CF briefing is underway as I type this.

First call in the morning will be at 6:30 for wheels up at 6:45. The plan is to start with Sequential, do four rounds, and then switch to Rotation.

I'm outa here. See you in the morning, and hopefully we will have some team pictures before the second round. 'Night.

Ted "T1" Wagner, Chief Engineer | Tim "T2" Wagner, Webmaster