Sunday 10 October

Good morning. The canopy piloting events are beginning their semifinal rounds this morning. OmniSkore is not used for these events, so we have to depend on others for information to pass along to you. We will do the best we can, but I fear this is going to be a sloooooooooooooow day.

In yesterday's Tidbits, Tim noted that "If you look close, you might find the names of two Wagners on there, Ted and Mary, Essence of Speed, 1989." This morning we have this email from Chris "BigWaz" Wagner, who is currently in Afghanistan: "If you'll notice on the first plate affixed to the original plastic base you'll see Big Bro's name thereon (from the Nov '83 Z-Hills Turkey Meet). If I recall, I'm on there a second time for the same meet in '86."

Now that formation skydiving is over, and with all the activity around the canopy piloting area, the area outside manifest is deserted. Elvis has left the building.

Now activity outside manifest is beginning to pick up. Some of the CRW teams have arrived and are beginning to make practice dives.

The Canopy Piloting folks are doing their thing over by the pond, and the Style and Accuracy people are practicing, but clouds are keeping the Crew Dogs on the ground. Several of those teams heard a rumor that that were fewer clouds over at Elsinore, so they have gone over there to practice.

We are still looking for updates of the scores for the Canopy Piloting events.

The winds have shifted from the south to the north, the clouds have gone higher, and some CRW teams are dirt-diving. I think we will see some Canopy Formation practice dives before long.

We are STILL trying to get our hands on updates on scores for the Canopy Pilots. I've heard some highly experienced formation skydivers speaking with awe in their voices about what they have seen over there around the swoop pond.

<T2>I'm back! Well no, I just got home, chiming in from the T2 house here. I've got several emails inquiring about a Nationals video. I am not making a video -- I've retired from that annual ordeal -- but I hear that Craig O'Brian is making one. I'll post a link on the main page if I get more info.

Thank you all for the wonderful email. Lots and lots of great supporters out there, and we really appreciate it. And we couldn't do this without the gracious support of the host - please do be sure to thank them.

-Tim (now surfing the Nationals from home) </T2>


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