Saturday 9 October

BEEP...BEEP...BEEP...BEEP...*THWACK* snooze button.

BEEP...BEEP...BEEP...BEEP...*THWACK* snooze button.

"Toto. You're still in Kansas. Get out of bed and go do 10-way."

Where ARE those elusive Canopy Piloting results? On a laptop somewhere, I hear. Working on it. There are 11 teams competing in 10-way.

One of the most highly prized perennial trophies in skydiving is the coveted CG GodFrog award, does anyone know if it's on site?

BING, just checked the inbox and I have some CP results to post.

Okay, I just got some CP results posted. It's not very pretty html and I'll clean it up when the events are done.

10-way judging has started, and STL 10 starts strong with a 11.37.

Round 1 is done and Majik Knights smoked a 9.39 on their jump. Taking a look back at the last two nationals 10-way, in 2002 there was only one team that broke the 10-second barrier: SDC STL, who won by a wide margin. Last year, the 10-second barrier was broken on just one single jump, Majik Knights' round 6.

Nice, slow, lazy Saturday tidbits. Just got through updating the Page of Champions. Majik Knights positively smoked round 2 with a 8.12. That is the fastest 10-way round since the rules had their last major overhaul after the 1997 Nationals!

Majik Knights just posted their third straight sub-10-second round and have about a 4-second lead over second place STL with  Airspeed 10 in a distant third.

Half way through round 4. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

BTW today is my last day here. My able assistant, OmniDad Roy Wagner, will be continuing the show in my stead when competition resumes on Monday. We plan on having all the CF scores posted as usual, and the classics when we can get them.

STL picked up ground on Majik Knights and now trail by 2.49 seconds with two jumps left...

On round five, Majik Knights got back what they lost on round 4, and lead by 4.46" with one jump left.

It's amazing how much the email falls off on weekends. Need to go look for GodFrog now...

...ah, dang near tripped over the thing, it's sitting right next to DZTV! If you look close, you might find the names of two Wagners on there, Ted and Mary, Essence of Speed, 1989. There is a great history of CG GodFrog here.

Round 6 of 10-way, the final round of Formation Skydiving at the 2004 USPA Nationals, is in the air.

BOO! Anyone in here? Final 10-way scores coming up...judging the last round in reverse order of standing, there is an enthusiastic crowd around the DZTVs outside...STL just got a huge round of applause for their jump, a score of 8.91 seconds, so Majikal Knights needs a decent jump to get the gold...and they post a 9.53 and win the gold, great finish in 10-way.

Well, that's a wrap for Formation Skydiving. It was loads of fun and it was fun sharing it. Perris Valley Skydiving did another awesome job and put on a very good show. The FS banquet is tonight, I'll take pictures but I won't have them posted for a couple of days as this here PC is getting packed up shortly. Thanks, good night, and have a great tomorrow! - T2

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