Saturday 2 October

Posting latest AE scores...done.

They are putting up the last two rounds of Freefly this morning. Missy Nelson might have some AE bits for us later.

I was discussing the FS 4-way block 12 with Mark Kirkby last night and Dan BC over breakfast this morning. This is the infamous zipper > star that the French (and others) got busted on in Croatia. Mark said that he and a friend (Thomas?) have an idea for a crank > crank where the "cat" jumpers do 540's and the other two do 360's. Cool idea. I like it. Talking about the block 12 with Dan, I offered up that in order to prevent a repeat of Croatia, we need to have the top teams give some video samples to the chief judge and find out what's gonna fly and what's not. Speaking with my judge's hat on, I know if I were watching a team and the camera was dancing around, a little red flag would be going up. What is this team trying to hide? Anyway, to close this topic for now, it is still my opinion that zipper > star needs to go the way of star > backloop > star. Hey, now there's an idea...grabbing camera now...

There's airplanes going up and down and gobs of people at registration and everyone looks like they're just plain having some fun. Skydive Perris has once again prepared well for a nationals and if we have good weather, and it looks like we will, then this is going to be another good one...just got the first set of team photos up for AE ... working on team member info...and a coffee refill...

Just got back from a field trip hunting wabbits...that means a few fuzzy pics coming soon...this place is hopping...

If you want a hi-res original photo of a team, CLICK HERE and be sure to 1) make sure the photo is already posted on a team page and 2) specify the TEAM NUMBER, not team name. My file system is based on team numbers.

Dear USPA: Here are my proposed new 10-way speed rules. Out of the jet, single file, starting 20 feet from the door. The first person in the line is also the camera flier. Okay, the concept needs some tweaking...

Freefly has finished all rounds and now we are waiting for the judges to catch up. I'm busy putting team member names into the AE team's a picture of the lovely Dubbing Girls... judges gave me a bag of M&M's...I poured a handful out and they were ALL GREEN but one...

At this point -- half way through Saturday -- there are 68 4-way teams registered, and that number is certain to grow. Best of all, so far 18 of them are Open class. About 50% of all 4-way teams are Intermediate.

I haven't been able to see much of the AE events, but what I've seen of the Freefly is pretty amazing. Alchemy can do just about anything but defy gravity (I give them another year to figure than one out). Judges have 1/2 a round of Freefly left to judge...

...and the judges have just handed us the Freefly Intermediate final standings, and VIBE has come from behind to take the gold medal.

A skydiving Haiku for you:

Blue skies above me
With joy falling, holding hands
Parachute descends

Freefly final results coming shortly...the judges are applauding because they are done....and they are now up, congrats to Alchemy! And now we begin the scramble to convert the judges' room to FS and OmniSkore processors...oh no, there goes the nationals, Rick Duran just showed up...'s cool web site of the day:

Madly assembling scoring processors...there was a scoring issue in Freestyle and Skysurf resulting in many scores being adjusted by 0.1 or so; no final standings were effected, and the pages have been updated.

FS official practice tomorrow. Beer time. Bomb Shelter. Ya'll take care. Good night!

UPDATE - Some AE Awards photos by Lori Thomas HERE


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