Friday 1 October

The webmaster/DZTV host has arrived on site and is busy setting up the equipment. Will try to have another update and photos in a few hours. They are finishing up the AE events now and I hope to have the scores up soon as well.

AE scores have been updated - check 'em out - no Freefly scores yet though. Please don't send any emails about the broken team photo links, we won't have those pages up for a day or two. Patience, grasshopper...

It's been a few years since I've been here to Perris, and the first change that hits you is this big electric mushroom thingamajig that popped out of the parking lot. Pretty strange looking. Gonna have to check it out later. Meanwhile, setting up DZTV.... several emails from people wanting to know where to send emails to competitors, will get that info posted here as soon as I know... it is: I don't have a printer here, so please don't send anything for me to forward...

Oh, the familiar faces I've been running into all day! Too many to name them all, so nice to see them again. Got checked into the hotel, just got back and posted a few more AE scores. Skysurf is done, and PV Firestarter spanked the competition hard for the gold medal. Time to gather more pics...

...smaller pics have links to bigger pics:

Chilling in the judges' room.
Bar fun with old friends. The OmniMom and OmniDad.
DZTV viewing spot Registration
You lookin' at me? Our wonderful host approaches! Hi Melanie!
WHO INVITED WHO? Well, thank heavens! "What you surfing here? Cool,!"

Just back from the bar to update the AE scores, but the judges are still holed up, so I don't think I'll have more scores posted until tomorrow.

So to wrap it up for today, it's looking like another great nationals put on by Skydive Perris. It was here that we started to put our nationals notes and asides on the internet, and we'll do our best to bring you as much of the action as we can, as live as we can. Good night, see you tomorrow. Barkeep!


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