Post-Nationals Notes

A few things to post real quick -
  • I will have photos of the 10- and 16-way awards posted as soon as I get my PC back, probably around the first of November.
  • Requests for team photos will have to wait until then as well - please be sure to specify by discipline and team number.
  • The winner of the Godfrog award was Cocktails @ 10.
  • MANY MANY thanks and congratulations to Betty for a fabulously well-done nationals, one of the best in memory.
  • Style & Accuracy Results will be posted as soon as I can get my grubby paws on them. No flames please, we done the best we could.
  • NATIONALS VIDEOS - Alas, I will not be involved this year. Check back to the the front page of sometime in the next few weeks for links to ordering information. To all my previous customers, thank you very much. My new family member and a Real Job mean no time for video editing.


Thank you all for the great feedback!


Ted "T1" Wagner, Chief Engineer | Tim "T2" Wagner, Webmaster