Sunday 26 October

Roy "OmniDad" Wagner will be here on Sunday with some tidbits, time permitting.

6:45 AM

Good morning! Looks like a beautiful day is breaking here at Lake Wales this morning.

CF Sequential is up first this morning, so we should have some results to post in a while. Also, Accuracy will be starting soon.

Well, it may be a while yet before we get any CF results. I'm hearing that the judges are not early risers this morning after that great banquet and awards ceremony last night.

7:15 AM

I just took a stroll around the hanger, and, aside from the Accuracy folks and the Crew Dawgs that are doing their thing, this place is DEAD!! There is a beautiful Sunday morning going to waste out there! Well, maybe after a little hair o' the dog has had time to do its work, perhaps things will liven up.

7:45 AM

I just had a chat with the Meet Director, and the plan for today is to complete Accuracy and then do Sport Accuracy. On the CRW side, Sequential is currently jumping Round 5. When they complete that event, he will decide whether to do Rotations or Speed next. A factor in that decision will be, at that point in time, whether or not they think they might be able to finish all the CRW events today.

By the way, since Tim is on an airplane bound for Arizona, he will not be able to respond to email today.

8:35 AM

The CRW Sequential results table has now been updated through Round 5. I will try to update the Accuracy results if and when they bring them to me.

And Sequential Round 6 is now in the can, with Clean Air holding an 8 point lead over Soul Purpose, which has a 4 point lead over CReWjo.

9:40 AM

Well, shucks, we are on a weather hold due to wind.

Sequential standings through Round 7 are now posted. Clean Air is maintaining their 7 point lead over Soul Purpose, and the latter has increased their lead over CReWjo to 9 points. The Crew Dawgs and the fun jumpers are back in the air, but the Stompers are still on wind hold.

11:25 AM

CReWjo is about to get on the plane for their Round 7 jump in Sequential, which will wrap up that event. Pulse-8 and FSC 8 will also be on the plane to start Round 7 of CF 8-Way Speed.


The CF Sequential event for the 2003 Nationals is now history. Clean Jump will claim the gold, Soul Purpose will wear the silver, and CReWjo gets the bronze.

It's now a little after noon and I still have not received any Style and Accuracy scores to put up.

Clean Jump, AKA Fayard 4 in Rotations and AKA FSC 8 in Speed, has won the gold in Sequential and is currently in first place in the other two events. If that holds, they will sweep the Nationals. I'm told that has never happened before in Canopy Formation. Let's see what happens. Stay tuned.

FSC 8 and Pulse-8 have done their Round 7 jumps, but the judges will wait until CReWzin has done their jump and then judge the three jumps one after the other. That will probably be done sometime around 1:15 or 1:30.

I have some scores for the team competition phase of Sport Accuracy, but I don't have one of those neat-looking tables into which to import them, so I will just have to fat-finger them into this Tidbits page. But I will wait until all four rounds are complete before I do that. However, I will tell you that after two rounds, Golden Knights Gold (Tim Reynolds, Shawn Callahan, Gregory Habermann, Scott Janise) is in first place with 36.38, Air Dogs (Dennis Murphy, Denny Hayes, Jim Krogh, Doug Pleatman) is in second at 59.69, Lake Wales/DeLand (Billy Bradshaw, Ray Dutch, Mike Gocke, Scott Agent) is third with 93.00, and Golden Birds (William Beaudreau, Chris Moore, Jim Hayhurst, Cheryl Stearns) is bringing up the rear with 96.82.

2:00 PM

Round 7 of CF Speed has been judged and the scores posted. FSC 8 has a lead that appears insurmountable. We are waiting for CReWzin's Round 8 jump in order to finish judging Round 8. That should be available soon.

Round 8 of CF Speed is finished, and FSC 8 wins the gold, CReWzin get the silver, and Pulse-8 is third.

3:30 PM

Round 6 and Round 7 of CF Rotations is being judged. Scores are being posted to the results page as they come in.

4:30 PM

The Accuracy folks brought me their results in Excel spreadsheets just like they did yesterday and the day before, but this time they saved the sheets as "Read Only", and Excel will not let me export from a "Read Only" sheet to a web page. Sorry. If they will send Tim copies of the files that are not "Read Only", perhaps he can update them when he gets his computer back in Phoenix mid-week.

What I can tell you is that in Team Accuracy the final standings are:

Place  Team

  1      Golden Knights Gold

  2      Wolfe Pack

  3      Pacemakers

  4      Skydive Rick's

  5      The Jaybirds

  6      3 Golden Knights and an Airforce of One

  7      Skydive Green County Renegades

  8      The Defibrillators - AFA

  9      United States Military Academy


5:10 PM

Three more jumps to judge in CF Rotations, and then this meet will be history.

The results table is, at this moment, showing the throw-away score for Team 604 as being the 11 they got in Round 1, when in fact it is the 9 they got in Round 8. That is because OmniSkore does not evaluate the throw-away rounds for the web page data until the round is complete. When the scores for the remaining three teams have been posted, OmniSkore will re-evaluate the scores and show the correct throw-away round in the web page data.

The last three jumps in CF Rotations Round 8 will be judged shortly, but the judges already know from the scores that are posted to this point that there is a tie between FSC Turbulence and Soul Purpose for third place. There is not enough daylight left for these teams to do the jump-off today, so they will report in the morning for the jump-off for third place. If you are looking at the standings table presently being shown by OmniSkore (with three Round 8 scores incomplete) that the throw-away round for Soul Purpose will not be shown correctly until the round is complete.

Round 8 has now been judged, and the winner is Fayard 4. Demolition Crw takes second place, and FSC Turbulence and Soul Purpose will meet here in the morning to see who gets the bronze. Look for me right here in the morning. Good night.

Monday, 9:30 AM

I have not been able to find anyone wearing an official hat here at the DZ this morning to tell me how the tie for third place in CF Rotations was resolved. Tim will have to post that information here when it becomes available and when he gets his computer back later this week.

                                          R1, AKA OmniDad

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