S&A Bits - Saturday 25 October

by Cadet Kevin Krupski

Greetings from sunny Florida! Well, here’s a little bit of the Black Knights experience down here at Lake Wales. We got in here late Wednesday night, and breathed in the warm night air. We got a call as we landed letting us know we just missed the first snowfall in New York. I don’t think anyone minded missing that. Last jump in New York I think I ended up with icicles hanging out my nose. Florida weather is a little nicer to jump in. This really is a win-win situation for us; warm weather and lots of great jumps, plus a chance to beat Air Force. We have a contingent of five West Pointers down here, plus our coach, the great Chris Moore: Three are “firsties”(seniors), Brent “Gangler” Hoops, Brian “Old Man” Montgomery, and John “Denny” Dennison. The other two are “cows,” (juniors); Myself, Kevin “Straight Meat” Krupski, and Pat Bell. Accuracy took up our first three jumps. The otter with 16 people was one of the roomiest rides I’ve ever had. Our one aircraft at West Point is an old Huey that looks like it was dragged out of the Ia Drang valley, and can get a little cramped at times. At this point, we’ve just finished the team competition for acc and are awaiting the results for style. Our showing in accuracy was not what we had hoped for, but there’s still style. With two rounds judged, we look pretty good. This is our first sight of Nationals and it’s awesome. I find myself spitting out lines from “Cutaway” all the time, to the behest of my teammates. That’s all for now, hopefully we can brag about our style results when they get out.

-Cadet Kevin Krupski


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