Friday  17 October

Good morning anyone! It's a lovely Friday morning at Lake Wales, the OmniSkore team has arrived and we're madly setting up scoring processors and DZTV. It looks like Betty and her crack nationals team has been working hard and are ready to put on a first-class show. Stay tuned for more! Now, let's see if we can get this webcam thing working....

...1130...PRAISE the Lord and halleluiah, T1 just rolled in a swivel office chair on wheels for me! This place is really rocking so far. Here comes some more pictures as things get going here:

DeLand Majik's Graham Harding took this photo of me in my sympathy sling. I had shoulder surgery a couple of weeks ago (they removed a kidney and half a lung) and that sucker hurts now more than it did the day after they cut. I hope to be jumping again in a few months; I haven't jumped since I did 10-way with Deguello at the 2001 Nationals...but enough about me, let me talk about my kid... ;-)

The DZTV Webcam is up for testing, I'd appreciate any feedback to me here...

...okay, I have two users who report no picture at all on the webcam. Is there anybody out there who can see a picture on it? Please let me know, thanks...

...I've posted a link on the main page where all you surfers out there can send email to your teams HERE. Manifest will print it out and post it on the message board...

...I can receive email here, but it's not easy for me to reply, so please be patient with requests. I'll answer a lot of questions right here in the bits pages. Such as, yes the weather is nice (and sticky and humid and -- well, it's Florida!), the vibes are vibing, there's a whole LOT of people checking in today, and DAMN those Yankees... (Yankee fans, don't even bother with me...I'm a D-Back fan and I've GOT yer mystique and aura right here ;-)...

...okay, the webcam is working on the intranet, but not on the internet, so that's my job for now...lessee here, http port something or other...[update - I can get the thing to work on the internet or the intranet, but not both - so I gotta go out to the internet kiosk to see if it's working.]

I think I've got the webcam working now, I'll be tweaking it a bit tomorrow. It isn't going to be very fast, but this ain't Fox Sports Net, folks, okay?

Well, it's Wine45, as T1 & T2 crack open a bottle of Australian Shiraz, courtesy of our fine host, Betty Kabeller. That pesky webcam still isn't behaving but we got more important fish to fry, or rather oysters to eat.  See you tomorrow.


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