2002 U.S. Nationals Videos Updates

1 January
All videos are now shipping....

4 December
I will be releasing the FS DVD on TWO disks - disk one will have the edited video, disk two the Open medal winning raw footage. If you have ordered a VHS and want to upgrade to the DVD just PayPal $20.00 to me at timw@omniskore.com.

5 December
The Freefly, Freestyle & Skysurf DVD order info is now up on the PayPal order page. If you ordered a VHS copy and want to upgrade to DVD, just PayPal $10 to me at timw@omniskore.com.

2 November 2002
PLEASE READ THIS PAGE CAREFULLY. I will be updating this page about once a week to keep video customers updated on the video production.

I have completely reviewed all of the dubbed footage from the nationals and I must report that I do not have all of the jumps. Please review the appropriate sections below pertaining to any video that you have ordered. IF YOU DECIDE YOU DON'T WANT THE VIDEO, I WILL BE HAPPY TO GIVE YOU A FULL REFUND. At this time, I do not anticipate getting any more of the missing footage.

FS Video Missing Footage
I'm not missing much here:
4-Way: Juggernaut, round 4.
8-Way: Golden Knights round 10.

Freefly, Freestyle & Skysurf Missing Footage
I am missing a LOT of this footage. To review what I do and do not have, CLICK HERE. If you would like to cancel your order and get a refund because of the missing footage, just let me know.

Why is Freefly/Freestyle/Skysurf missing so much footage? When I left the competition site the AE events were still finishing up. I worked with Skydive Chicago to send me the rest of the footage but it didn't work out.

DVD UPDATE - The DVD order link is up on the PayPal order page. If you have already ordered a VHS copy and would like to upgrade to DVD just send me $10.00 via PayPal with an upgrade note in the comments.

Canopy Formations Missing Footage
Sequential: All of Quantum Leap and Lodi Express.
Rotations: Most of Clean Air (have rounds 4 and 8).
Speed: Most of Clean Leap (have rounds 6, 7 and 8). Last three rounds of Pulse8.
A total of 32 out of 138 competition jumps not dubbed, about 25%. I am doubtful about getting any of the missing CF footage. (Not a big deal with only two videos ordered so far.)

Sorry about the video mess. I'll do the best I can with what I've got...

Blue Skies,

Tim Wagner