Saturday 14 September

*YAWN* <stretch> tap tap tap (gulp) Hello? Are we on? Hello?

Well okay then, I'm here to report that 1) CF jumpers get started *WAY* too early and 2) Freeflyers are as hard to photograph on the ground as they are in the air ;-)

I spent the first hour of my day trying to get team photos of CF and Freefly, and it's a mess. I'm going to post all the team photos and you guys out there tell me "the picture you have on team page XXX should be on team page YYY," please and thank you....we are starting today with CF Sequential and Freefly...I don't think I'll be able to get any team photos for Freestyle or Skysurf, but I'll try...

...I see that the Freestyle and Skysurf events have been neutered... they are now gender neutral...that is a good step forward methinks...

They are jumping round 5 of CF Sequential and round 4 of Freefly...Redline has a comfortable lead in the former, and they have posted no scores in the latter, where they are using Pegasus (the Freestyle/Skysurf/Freefly version of Omniskore) as a stopwatch but not a scoring system (I'll get T1 to explain that if he wants)...

...per readers' requests, the Freefly draw will be posted on the results page shortly...

The webmaster is going to take a lunch break, he promises to have the final final final Style & Accuracy scores posted later today, but he's always promising something or another...

...a reader doth write:

"Great shot of that sunrise - too bad you were awake to take the picture!!!!!"

No Kidding (yawn).

"Looks like the 2nd and 3rd place pics are swapped on the Champions page for 10 way"

Dang, that's THREE booboos I've made this meet....

"How long till this event becomes 4-way head down and its own competition. Ever try zircons in head down?"

I think we'll keep Freefly at 2 performers and a camera flyer and please send us a picture of that zircon.

"Lookin forward also to seeing those skysurf scores."

Skysurf starts tomorrow.

"Any thoughts on the life expectancy of Skysurf at Nationals?"

I might think that this is the last year, if the board has any sense. Not that there's anything wrong with skysurfing...

"Who needs the Norgies women when you have the Sugar Gliderz. Not the same, but an incredible simulation!!!!"

Yes indeed!

"Keep up the great work."

Thanks! We'll try!

Freefly. They've still only posted the scores for round one...Omar says that Alchemy is doing some pretty radical stuff; one of the judges gave them a 10, and I think it's hard to get a better score than that...the final final final Style & Accuracy scores are posted, be warned it's a pretty big file (lots of formatted tables)...we are now on a weather hold, the PA says a line is moving through and we expect to be jumping again shortly...uhm, yes I will have sport accuracy scores posted, but not today...

...note to manifest: it's really hard to get team photos when you give a 15 minute call and then 7 minutes later you tell the teams to go straight to the airplane...yes we are jumping again...ten minutes later, I have all the CF Rotation team pages up, missing one photo and we're on a weather hold again...round two of Freefly is posted... 1530 they are judging the final jump of CF Sequential, where Redline has run away with the gold medal over...over...who is in 2nd and 3rd? It's a tie between Soul Purpose and C4, so it looks like a jumpoff, which is interesting because under IPC rules Soul Purpose would win based on best jump (I am told USPA did not make that change). "Tony Thacker please report to the auditorium."

They are battling the weather here; 5+ rounds of Freefly have been jumped, the last round of CF Rotations is on call, I hear planes taking off right now...

"We need more power Scotty! The ethertron commo links to the Omniskore processor device have come under enemy attack and we are unable to beam the hyperscores to cyberspace...we are heavy with data and listing to port...Bones! Two shots of Lodikai Mind Warp Nectar stat! Reconfigure ports five and six on the ethertron unit ensign! Spock, where on Vulcan is our Chief Engineer?"

"He is not on Vulcan, the T1 unit is on Earth in a place once known as Phoenix, now called East San Angeles."

"DOH! Bones, two more shots!"

Hey, you guys have GOT see what a good freefly team can do with some Romulan poppies and a holodeck!

1800 Wrap-up
Freefly: The final round is in the air, and at their current pace, the judges will post the final results sometime early next month.
CF: Rotations is done done, but there will be a jump-off in Sequential first thing tomorrow morning. And it might be a 3-way jump-off, because Clear Air won a protest on a rule interpretation and they may be in the jump-off as well.
Tomorrow is Freestyle and Skysurf and 8-way CF Speed, along with finishing Sport Accuracy and CF Sequential. That's it for today, and thanks for visiting the EIW network!

2002 Chief Engineer "T1" Ted Wagner | Webmaster "T2" Tim Wagner