Friday 13 September

Good morning cyber surfers and welcome back to the EIW network! 10-way is on a call and the webmaster is busy taking pictures. Great fun and folly to come!

DVD Update
The vidiots out there are banging their spoons on their high chairs screaming for a nationals DVD production. I can say right now it will definitely happen, and I'll decide on a price sometime today. I will be charging extra for it because 1) the blank media alone is $10 a disk and 2) it'll cost me around $400 for the DVD burner and software and 3) you're happy to pony up the extra bucks for a superior format. Many thanks to all of you who sent in the DVD info.

Roger's SDC STL 10-way team just smoked round one with a 8.7. To put that into perspective, last year (under different rules) not one team posted a round under 11 seconds. What? No controversy yet? Allrighty then...

I've been working hard on getting CF and S&A scores posted, I got some up now...the accuracy scores they brought me are not accurate, they are rounded to the dime and not the penny please don't ask me why...

...I have received several more emails giving more praise and support for the Army Parachute Team, but I have put that forum to rest so please excuse me for not posting them (although I will if you beg me to)... 3 rounds of 10-way speed, Roger's SDC STL squad is the only team with a round under ten seconds, and they've done it on every jump so far...

...a tidbit from a reader:

"Check this one out. Kathee Johnson of Elsinore Boardwalk (silver medalist in Womens Skysurf 2000, 2001) just arrived at SDC only to find out that her camera flyer was a no show with no logical explanation for his actions. In an "on" year with the world team birth at stake, this is a tough one to handle. It looks like Kathee will team up with Ron Olson, SDC local and video flyer for Elsinore GT (who, btw, should have been in the running for best video, he rocks!!!!!). They should be an interesting team to watch with no jumps together until later today.


Interesting indeed. Good luck Kathee and Ron!

Okay, sorry for the brain lapse, but I finally have the 10-way draw posted on the results page. SDC STL is putting on a clinic on how it's done...

Another DVD Update
Okay, it's official now, there will be a DVD, and it will cost $60 plus shipping. This decision has also caused me to eliminate the raw Advanced and Intermediate footage so I can keep the project down to DVD size (it will still have all the raw footage from all the Open medal winners). I've thought about it carefully and I think it's fair dinkum (gasp, is that a hangover from Corowa?).

Canopy Formation Update: They are jumping round 5 of Rotations now, I think they are doing sequential tomorrow and speed on Sunday. Quantum Leap is putting on a great showing in Rotations with a pair of 18s on the board...

SDC STL just nailed down their gold medal with a 13.something on their last jump, and check it out, TFx is going to win the bronze. TFx was the team last year that lost two teammates in a tragic accident just weeks before last year's Nationals at Eloy, where they also won the GodFrog award (the annual spirit award for 10-way). Good for you TFx! Who you gonna give that GodFrog to? I guess we'll see at tonight's banquet.

Check out these wonderful photos of DecaDance from the camera of Mike Garza.

Whack FS on the butt and stick it in the outbox, 10-way Speed is done and how good was SDC STL? They had the best time in all their jumps but the last...a bit of egg on my face here, I entered the last round of 10-way in my spreadsheet wrong and I posted the wrong results! Sorry about that, all fixed now, Airspeed is back in 2nd place.

At the 10-way awards just prior to the banquet, the CGI Godfrog award is awarded to Otter Chaos, and that closes our bits for the day! WHEW that was two minutes of hard work for me. See you tomorrow!

Okay, it's not tomorrow yet, we just had the banquet here and I'll have some pictures posted tomorrow. It was quite good. Timmy the Chef put together a simple but very tasty chicken-or-beef-or-veggie dinner that finished with a wonderful bread pudding. It was served in the hanger er hangar and I thoroughly enjoyed it. NOW see you tomorrow!

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