Thursday 12 September

Ah, the life of a DZO...0730
The webmaster rolled out of the fart sack at 0630 and got to the DZ just in time for the first 16-way team photo...six teams in the is a crisp sunny morning outside, looks like it's going to be a wonderful day...

...Majikal Knights is off to a rough start, their score of 9 is whacked down to a 7 by the, they did that to themselves of course....

...the most decorated competitor in the history of Style & Accuracy competition is once again on top of the leader board, Cheryl Stearns has a very slim lead over Elisa Feldt after one round of style, that will be a fun battle to watch...

We've already jumped three rounds of 16-way and it's only 9:30? I've been out taking some pictures, coming up soon, but first on round 2, Majikal Knights posted a "mediocre" score of 16 on a jump that had potential world record written on it. Deguello followed with a solid 13, and then Airspeed Blue blew their chance at a big score with a bad exit and recovered with their own 13, and suddenly 16-way is a tight race.

Above: "Luke, I am your father!" (sorry, couldn't resist)

Left: the S&A area
Right: a swooper

"Jumper three zero three, zero point zero one!"
"Jumper three zero three, zero point zero one!"
"Jumper three zero three, zero point zero one!"
"Thank you!"

I'm still trying to get those Style & Accuracy scores, I keep telling them "bring them to me and I will post them" but nothing yet...

The 16-way Draw:

1: J Antenna, 12 Hip > Hop
2: C Spiders, 3 Quadra Diamonds > Sidebody Diamonds
3: 10 Tumbleweeds > Tumbleweeds, H H
4: 2 Stereo Bipole > Stereo Bipole, 5 Nairobi > Nairobi
5: 6 Lines and Loops > Loops and Lines, Stairstep Arrowhead > Stairstep Arrowhead
6: E Star, 9 Rose > Donut Flake

I'm still waiting for official results, but I am told that Sean Callahan has won the style gold for the men and Cheryl Stearns has won for the women...

OUCH on round 4 those Majikal Knights had a rough exit and then built the first point with a wrong grip for a score of seems like every bust I've seen in 16-way is someone grabbing the wrong leg...OOH Deguello looked mighty good and almost got a 7, just missed it out of time...Jack did some nice engineering on that dive...YIKES I spoke too soon, they got busted down to a 4 as well...

...after 4 rounds of 16-way, Airspeed Blue is up by 5, it looks like round 4 was tough on all of the teams...

...round 5 is in the bag, Airspeed Blue looks like they'll nail down the gold, and it will be great to see Deguello on the medal platform again...

Okay all you video geeks out there, I need a little help. I'm researching this DVD thing, and I need to know if a DVD burner (say, a Pioneer DVR-A04) does just NTSC or PAL or can it do both? Any feedback would be most appreciated.

What, you ask, will be the controversy in 10-way this year? Well, let's just take a peek at the rules. (flip flip click click). Hmm...the first part of the exit rules are just like last year (behind the line)...nothing about single file, and here is the new part: "5-1.6.B.2: After exit, two unlinked jumpers must initiate all formations after completely passing through the door with the remaining jumpers converging on those two jumpers." Now if I read that right, it seems to me like a team can take a chunk out  from behind the line and then just flash the grips off and back on to establish the formation. We shall see, yes, we shall see...

Airspeed just smoked round 6 with a 12 to slam the door on the 16-way competition, can you say deja vu?  yep, just like last year!

I'm going to wrap this thing up for the day, the 16-way awards are tonight and 10-way starts at 0700 and I am headed for the bar...

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