Thursday 5 September

The Webmaster is enjoying a slow morning, knowing that come the morrow the calm life as he now knows it will come to an end. The photo to the right is taken from my DZTV station in the projection room of the theater; the right side of the theater has been walled off for the three judging panels. The area in front of the big screen is being used for registration, and there is a steady steam of teams coming through this morning.

Somebody please stop playing with the circuit breakers, you be slowin' me down! ;-)

Scan disk complete....where was I...oh yeah, things are gradually coming together here. Another dead item on my trashed computer: my firewire on the MB quit working, so anybody headed this way if you have a spare PCI firewire card could I borrow one? Thanks...

Our thumbnail photos during this coverage will link to bigger photos in a new window. If I mess a link up someone please let me know. Thanks!

BZZZZZZ snap_snap_snap yank plug tape cable screen 1 power? check hello? wrong number Hi Ryan. TED'S NOT HERE! GULP water. What? hand me that -- oops, that didn't sound good. Hi Dick Barber! Put incriminating picture of Ted in Russia on wall, yes I take suggestions, this is one time I'm not looking forward to Friday, y'know, those team pages aren't going to write themselves, hi Betty Kabeller! What's that smell? How'd that get on my shoe...

To answer today's' emails: Yes, no, maybe, Saturday, I'll check on it, and it's right HERE. See you tomorrow!