S&A Bits - Wednesday 27 June

Last updated 05 Feb 2012 15:17 GMT

We are having much difficulty getting results brought to us from the S&A venue on the other side of the airport. Please don't give up checking here for results.

The word is that the accuracy event has had very serious problems with the electronic judging systems (they have tried more than one!) because of some unknown source of interference that causes the pad to register a score that is obviously wrong. Exi, the IPC controller, told me about it last night and I was amazed; like a "Bermuda Triangle" problem with their equipment going crazy. One competitor did 8 (that's eight) rejumps for a single round!!! And as of last night, not a single round of men's style had been completed, and less than three of women's.

We will continue to try to get information on what's going on at Drop Zone Alpha and get the results posted here as fast as we can. Please be patient and check back regularly!