Setup Bits

0630 Thursday, 18 October -
Omigosh, I'm feeling a little bit naked writing this (and not just because I am a little bit naked writing this). By popular request (you're welcome D), I have formatted the tidbits pages to be printer-friendly, with no backgrounds and more room for photos (you're welcome to the guy who wrote during WAG "shut up and go take more pictures"). So all you folks out there who print these bits for whatever reason, let me know if there are any problems.

Okay now. Today is Thursday. The fishbowl is up in the hangar and today we will (hopefully) finish setting up DZTV. There is a lot of work to do, but it's looking like it's going to be another good show. News and photos coming later today.

Cables and cobwebs everywhere! Get me outa here, it's time for a cold one!

Sorry only two pics today, but you know my Photoshop is going to get a workout soon...

1300 Friday October 19
Just how many video cables does it take to set up DZTV? Not as much wiring as in a space shuttle, but I'm pushing it... There's a whole lot of jumping going on outside and I'm in here trying to figure out why the composite feed from the #1 scoring processor's genlock overlay card is scrambled. Hurumph. T1 isn't much of a help, and I don't blame him. The electricity died in his DZ trailer weeks (months?) ago and the inside of his refrigerator is, uhm, uh, let's just say it gives high value to the phrase "don't go there."

Tents in the tram boarding area are a nice addition this year....

...these people, called "judges," are watching strange videos of crazy folks jumping and pushing buttons on these funny little panels and consulting paperwork and making funny noises (some which smell bad). I think there is a small computer under the table that is controlling them.

Well, T1 is out cleaning his refrigerator (*GADS* what a smell) and I need some more Eludium Q-36 Explosive Video Modulators, so it's off to Radio Shack shortly. The drop zone is crawling with competitors, and I think this is going to be a really terrific nationals. Lots of familiar faces here, and if I can get all my DZTV act together, I'll have some of those shining faces on this page tomorrow....

Final Setup Notes
Okay, nobody sneeze, it's all set up and working now. It makes my mind boggle just thinking about how many things can go wrong. So I won't think. Here's some pictures from this morning, and I'll probably make an opening ceremonies bits page later.

1200 Noon Report
Strolling around the DZ, the place is hopping, the electricity is atmospheric, and the packers should be paying off lots of bills this month. It's just before noon as I write this, and I hear Otter load 24 getting a call. I've seen Deguello at registration, always good to see Jack & Company. The judges are all in the fishbowl practicing with Omniskore. The DZ is finishing the setup of the Style & Accuracy area, which is a mile south of the main drop zone. Most importantly, Mom is heating up some Weaver's BBQ ribs -- imported from the Republic of Texas -- for lunch here shortly. Ah, those ribs are to die for...

1700 Last Call
...competition vibes...everyone seems to be kind of just keeping quiet, scoping out the competition, doing their own thing...did I say this place was swarming with competitors? I've never seen so many, it looks like one heck of a turnout...the 4-way competition draw is in a couple of hours, and I will be up late tonight posting that and creating a gazillion team pages. Ah yes, the evening before the start of 4-way is my "hell night." Joy. Be patient with me in the morning, the photos and results will be slow to appear on the first day...thank you...good night and see you tomorrow!

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