Free Event Tidbits

By Chris "Kermit" Rimple
Freestylist, Team Nitro

Competition jumps completed late yesterday for both Skysurfing and Freeflying, but the judges were unable to complete the scoring for Freeflying until this morning. Freestyle completed the last 2 rounds this morning and are being scored now.

In Men's Open Skysurfing, Arizona Surf Flite held on to their lead through the final round to take the gold medal. Scott Smith, coming out of retirement to compete as Perris Fire Marshalls with substitute videographer Craig Amrine, made a valiant attempt but couldn't quite match the high scores posted by Surf Flite.

In Freeflying, the tight race for first place continued through the last round. After round 6, only 0.4 points separated the top two teams, Arizona Freeflight and Skydive Chicago STL Freefly. The competitors sat around nervously all morning, waiting to see each round as it was scored by the judges. In the end, Arizona Freeflight was victorious, with a 0.5 margin to take the gold medal.

If you're a freestylist, skysurfer, or freeflyer, I highly recommend that you order the 2001 Nationals videotape, which will give you an opportunity to see what the best skydivers in the free events are doing. It's one of the best ways to learn new moves and to prepare yourself for next year's Nationals.

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