Free Event Tidbits

By Chris "Kermit" Rimple
Freestylist, Team Nitro

Freestyle competition has just ended for the day, with all teams complete through round 5. Skysurfing will continue through round 5 as well, and then Freeflying will begin at 1pm. It is likely that the Freeflying event will complete today. Freestyle and Skysurfing resume at 9am Thursday 25Oct01.

The Freestyle scoring through 4 rounds was particularly close in the Women's Open event, where Skydive Chicago Pink Flypaper trailed STL Freestyle by 2 points. But in round 5, Pink Flypaper had a rough time with the compulsory moves, and fell behind STL Freestyle by 4 points. The race is made even more interesting because the freestylists from each team are also competing together in Intermediate Freeflying.

In Men's Open Skysurfing, Perris Fire Marshalls are scoring consistently well, and trail Arizona Surf Flight by less than 1 point. That's not bad, considering skysurfer Scott Smith and videographer Craig Amrine had never jumped together before the competition started. If they have a chance to catch Arizona Surf Flight, it will probably be during round 5, since the Fire Marshalls had a higher score in the previous compulsory round (round 1).

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