Tuesday 23 October

I said it a couple of days ago, but I'm going to say it again: Give it up for the OmniSkore software guru Ted "T1" Wagner for his work writing the new results pages software. These new results tables are generated automatically by Ted's "Netpost" software (a part of the OmniSkore suite that also generates, and posts to the web instantly, the scoring summaries). Those tables are then included into a results page and fired up to the server. All those diehard Netscape fans out there that had to wait on our old XML tables to load should be happy now, and I'm happy that I don't have to fat-finger scores any more (except for the speed events, for now). Thanks T1!

Oh yeah, 8-way today. Meanwhile, today's Q & A from the mail box:

  • Q: What do the "I" and "J" mean in the scoring summaries? A: "I" is an "inter" penalty, same effect as a "0" and "J" means the scoring formation wasn't judgeable because of video angle or framing. A "J" has the effect of that formation not counting.
  • Q: Are you and Ted twins? A: Ever since we were born, although I was just a few minutes from being born on the next day.
  • Q: Can you list all the competitor names and their teams? A: An excellent suggestion that we are working on. Maybe not this year, but in the future. The webmaster punted on the 4-way competitor names when he saw there were 78 teams and not enough room on the table for a large coffee.
  • Q: Can we get a he-res copy our team photo? A: Yes, send me an e-mail AFTER the competition is complete with your team number and I'll send it to you. I can also do the same for any photo you see on these pages.

BTW, if you didn't notice on the Tidbits index page, Chris "Kermit" Rimple will be contributing his "Free" event tidbits, beginning today. Thanks Kermit, we all appreciate the help!

Wow, what a great turnout for 8-way, we've got 15 Intermediate and 5 Open for a total of 20. Most excellent! I'm madly cranking out team pages and photos, so look for those soon...

...team photos are going up...Airspeed 8 is jumping their World Air Games lineup, with Dan and Jack, while the Knights have former teammate Joe Trinko in a slot...both teams looked rusty on round one...

I finally got some style & accuracy scores posted, and some pictures too -

Left, a Canadian approaches the tuffet as a judge observes. Right, uh oh, that looks like a foot penalty to me...Below, a scene from the show in the Bent Prop last night.

Photos by Michael McGowan

....as the clock ticks past noon here, I now have some Freefly scores posted, and it looks like that one is going to be a good battle between Alhegelan/Curtis/Strauss and Nelson/Ortiz/Swanson. Speaking of past noon, guess what time it is. Anyone? That's right! It's time for MOM'S FAMOUS FRIED CHICKEN! WOOHOO! This is an annual treat for us and the judges, with the Knights always lurking the load. But first, Airspeed 8 is starting to shake the kinks out, they just did a 21 on round 3.

When Mom brought in the fried chicken, it was a feeding frenzy. Mm mm good.
 What competition? Leave me alone, I'm eating.

I just uploaded a noon update for Kermit's FreeBits. Check it out!

Back over in 8-way Intermediate, there is a good battle going on between Black Flag and Purple Haze, tied after four rounds. They are putting some very good numbers on the board, and Arizona Quick Fix isn't far behind. A lot of very good skydiving going on here!

OKAY OKAY OKAY! Everybody stop begging for the DZTV Webcam! Here's what I'll do: I'll set it up tonight and roll yesterday's tape. It'll start around 1800 Eloy time and run about 6 hours (yes round 10 of 4-way is near the end), IF it doesn't hang or crash while I'm gone.

What an exciting finish to 8-way Intermediate, I wish I had time to bring it to you better. Purple Haze had picked up two points to tie Black Flag on round 4 and then took the lead by one point on round 5. Purple Haze then put an 8 on the board for the final round 6. Then a big crowd watched the screen as Black Flag made a bid to tie or win. They just needed to close a last piece on a sidebody donut to tie, and missed by half a second, and the hanger roared. Wow. Congratulations Purple Haze!

Everybody please listen to the sad webmaster. He desperately needs to sell some 2001 U.S. Nationals videos. Please please pretty please, please order this video, the webmaster has Michael McGowan shooting extra footage, and he's going to make this one better and longer than ever. It's quick and easy to order online with PayPal, you just need to take five minutes to create an account there. Hey, did you hear me? Why are you still sitting there reading this? Go!

Sadly, I must go back on my earlier word to get the webcam going tonight, the dongle for the capture card isn't working and they don't sell them at Circle K. Sorry.

Enigmatic Inertial Air, I feel your pain. 8 points lost to busts on their last two jumps, and Matrix 8 slides into the third medal slot. Aside from a bad round 3, the Golden Knights have put up quite an impressive performance, just one or two points behind Airspeed on all the other jumps.

Tomorrow will begin with Skysurfing, Freefly and 8-way. The beer light is on, and the webmaster is signing off. Remember, ORDER THAT VIDEO and see you all tomorrow. Good night! Thanks for visiting!

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