Sunday 21 October

Wow. Amazing. Way cool. I am totally impressed. Not only have (DZ owners and Nationals hosts) Larry and Lil once again set the stage for a fabulous competition, but 78 4-Way teams have taken the time and money to get here for it. That's 10 Open, 28 Advanced, and 40 Intermediate. The draw doesn't appear to be especially fast or slow, but I haven't looked at it closely.

Notes -

  • The team photos and competitor names will take a day or two to post; please wait to inform me of corrections and broken links starting tomorrow.
  • Friends and family back home can send e-mail to competitors at They will print them out and post them on the message board for the teams to collect.
  • Please do not park in the white zone. The white zone is for uploading and downloading only.

It will be a few hours before you see anything more on these pages, so check back with us later. First call is 0800, so that is 1100 Eastern time. Now on to Mom & Dad's RV for some breakfast...

So I get to the DZ and guess what, it's a 0700 start and I'm behind the power curve already! We've started with Intermediate 4-way, and round one is almost done already. Please note -- I've got Ted hard at work on some new standings software, so you might see some strange results pages today, thank you for your patience. We'll have this machine humming soon enough...

Round one of 4-Way Open just went into the can, and it looks like it's going to be a three-way race between Golden Knights Gold, PD Blue, and Airspeed Vertical, all with 21s on the first round. More soon...

...aren't those stars and stripes a beautiful thing? 

Yes, I know it's a slow tidbits day, but you know how tough day one of 4-way is. I just got the team photos uploaded, and now everybody together now, stand up and give T1 a big hand for those nice results pages (especially Netscape users won't have to wait so long now). Those pages are generated automatically by the scoring processor; no more fat fingering wrong scores from the webmaster. Way cool (as T1 takes a bow). Now I will have more time for photos and tidbits!

Oh yeah, 4-way. Golden Knights Gold has opened up the early lead in Open, and they are one SMOOTH skydiving team. Very steady and disciplined with the keys. Dr. Joel's Optic Nerve spanked the competition on round 3 (so far) to open up a lead in the Advanced class. Soon I'll have time to watch more of this... sooner than I say GKG has the early lead than Airspeed Vertical picks up three points on round 3, wow what a nice jump... just ten minutes after two in the afternoon, manifest has just put competition load #100 on a 15 minute call. Wow! This place is smokin'. Photos on the way...

Some shots from around the DZ. I have never seen so much competition go by so fast in one day. It's almost 3:00 p.m. as I write this and we're almost done with round four.

The webmaster takes a quick look at the mail box, and no less than three people are asking about "Touch of Magic." Isn't that the team with Gary, Solly, Joey and Doug? Well no; Doug and Solly are jumping with Optic Nerve for this nationals and Magic will go full time afterwards. In other mail, will there be a DZTV Webcam? The answer is maybe, but the dialup connection here is very tenuous, and I don't have time to baby sit it. I might try it tomorrow though.

Sunset Report
Wow, what a nice round five by the Knights and Airspeed Vertical, matching a pair of 24s. Airspeed Vertical did a really nice, well, vertical move out the door on a sidebody donut > sideflake donut, SWEET, and half way through 4-way Open they will take a one point lead to bed. It looks like a duel for the gold between these two teams, as Zulu, Matrix, and PD Blue aren't keeping pace. You gotta love it, another good battle between the Knights and Airspeed, but this time over the 4-way title. 

Everyone sit tight, I've got some nice photos from the camera of Michael McGowan coming up...

The DZ, top, is one serious competition machine today. Above, PD Blue and Xodus. Below, Deguello in practice. Photos by Michael McGowan.

Well, despite a rough start in the judges' fishbowl, today turned out to be amazingly smooth. Once those cogs started turning you couldn't stop it. This total just in -- 190 loads flown today! Wow! First call tomorrow is 0700 for 4-way, CF and Style & Accuracy. Thanks for visiting! See you tomorrow! 

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