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Some statistics for this Nationals coverage:

  • 150+  miscellaneous photos, 4.5 MB

  • 118 Team photos, 6.7 MB

  • 658 total files, which includes 3 files for every FS team and 2 for all others (FS teams have scoring summaries).

  • 5 pounds gained from sitting here yapping about it.

Everyone out there please e-mail Melanie at if you get the chance and thank her 1) for a great nationals 2) for giving me access to their T1 line and 3) most importantly, for letting me use this padded swivel office chair.

The skies are clear this morning, and I am praying that the sun rises with no fog. Meanwhile, the final Freefly scores have been posted, and Freefly Circus has finished on top of Flyboyz and AZ Free Flight to win the first U.S. Nationals of Freefly. I haven't seen any of their competition jumps, but I hear some of the moves those top teams did were just amazing. Want to see them? Be sure to order the video.

It's a beautiful sunny morning and I'm packing up DZTV stuff while they finish up the final jumps. 8-way Speed is almost done, and the last freestyle jumps should be judged in a few hours.

It's a wrap! It's a wrap! CF is done! The FR & SK final scores will be posted soon, and then it's time to load the car. Cool! Final notes coming shortly.

Well, I'm shutting this here PC down in a minute, and they are still judging the last Freestyle & Skysurf jumps. So unless you call the DZ, you'll have to wait until tomorrow before you see the final results, although you could probably take a good SWAG at them based on what's posted now. It's been a great trip, thank you all for visiting, and by all means, please drop on by for the World Cup!

-Tim "T2" Wagner,