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The Bomb Shelter was packed with freeflyers for their briefing last night; the weather is supposed to be spotty this morning, turning nice this afternoon.

CRW dogs and Freeflyers...oil and water? Coors Light and Tequiza? Gee, why would someone want to cut the speaker wires last night? Hmm... the skies are clear and we're skydiving hard now. Hey! An earthquake! No wait - that was a CRW team landing. Do those things flair at all? ;-)

My father and brother have gone home, leaving me alone here running DZTV, so the only way I'll be able to get team photos for FF, FR and SK is with some assistance. Anybody out there wanna come help?

Allrighty, I got Chrissy helping out with the team photos THANK YOU and I'll have them posted in a while. The sun is out and we're going as fast as we can, scores coming soon too...

Yep, we be on a weather hold again. Hurry up & wait. Just in time for lunch.

Hello? Is anyone out there? My inbox has fallen silent. I'll even settle for a team photo request. All I have so far today is “Order Viagra Online!”

Hurry up...wait...hurry up...wait...OKAY NOW! HURRY! (sound of plane taking off)

OKAY! The inbox is working now! Thanks for forwarding all the hot stock tips and Asian Teenage Boys links!

Okay, ya'll want more commentary? Allrighty then. Freestyle, Skysurf, & Freefly: I don't have a clue. All that flipping and twirling and posturing and I just don't get it. Probably because I can't do it -- that stuff looks hard! It's hard for me to see much of it, because the judges look at the tape a couple of times and then talk about it forever. What is there to talk about? Stop the tape, give score, next jump please. It's like a session of Congress going on next door! It's a good thing there aren't a lot of competitors doing these new age events or those judges would be working until Christmas!

And CF/CRW. These are the same 20 people who've been doing it since two people accidentally locked braces colliding under a pair of 'foils and said “Cool! Let's do that again!” CALL OFF THE DOGS I'M KIDDING! Here's the breakdown by events: 8-Way speed. I'd rather watch paint dry. Most entertaining during wraps and protest threats. Rotations: It's a one-horse race after five rounds. Is this an off year or not? Sequential: Now we're talking; if I did CF, this would be my choice. Home town team Soul Purpose is giving Team Talon/Express a good run for the money, but TTE has looked really sharp with a pair of 10s in four jumps. And as I said the other day, they're camera work is awesome. They'll be very tough to beat. We're into round 5 judging now; if these clouds will stay away we could complete minimums in all CF events before the day is done.

SPLASH! Somebody just went swimming in the surf pond, maybe I can get a name shortly. BIG round of applause for that one outside!

Another reason I like CF Sequential: the dirt dive is just as entertaining. Don't stand in the way!

HA! I just made my day! Shot a fly down with a midair swing of the swatter, watched it spiral in with a bent wing.

Bad news: They just released all competitors for the day. Good news: Soul Purpose round 5 is up and - DOH! DOUBLE DOH! They're 9th point was just out, and the 8th was busted to boot. I ache it when stuff happens. So Team Talon/Express ups their lead to 5 points with three to go. That's minimums made now, so the meet is in the books.

I'm going to wrap this up and head to the bar, I wanna thank you die-hards out there for the SLAMS and SPAMS and especially the QUACK, maybe I'll spill the beans on that one tomorrow. G'night!