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Meteorologists in southern cally fornya couldn't get it wrong this morning. As I pulled into the parking lot, the sun was shining and it was raining at the same time. CF jumpers should be on a call soon.

A skysurf board awaits action
Penny and Lena in manifest Christopher "Kermit" Rimple writing freestyle notes
All the belly flyers have gone home! ;-(
Shark Air Can I get a lube job too?

Still waiting for clouds to clear.

A Pegasus Problem...
Meanwhile, we are scheduled to start Freestyle and Skysurf today, and these events -- along with Freefly -- were supposed to be judged using Pegasus, the OmniSkore sibling for scoring these “new age” events. Due to an unfortunate series of events, however, Pegasus will not be used, and spectators/competitors will not have the accompanying “DZTV” to see the scores as they are posted.

The reason for not using Pegasus lies in the fact that this spring, the IPC changed the method that judges use to score the teams. Ted then made changes in the OmniSkore and Pegasus software to reflect the rules changes after the IPC published the rules, but before USPA revised the SCM. However, when USPA updated the Skydiver's Competition Manual at the summer board meeting, they incorporated the new IPC rules for Formation Skydiving, but forgot or neglected to do so for the Freestyle/Skysurf/Freefly rules. Therefore, Pegasus is not configured to follow the SCM, and USPA's Larry Bagley has rightfully  ruled that the Nationals must follow the published SCM. The spectators & competitors will still see their jumps as the judges watch them, but they will have to wait for scores to be posted on the board before they know them.

It should be made clear that the host is in no way responsible for the situation; they advertised to the competitors that Pegasus would be used, and now it won't. USPA has admitted that they “dropped the ball” on updating the SCM, and we have to follow the rules.

The MD has called it a day. The forecast <sic> is good for tomorrow, when we should have CF, FF, FR, and SK all going at once.