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Arizona, home sweet home, is looking better every day. It's cloudy and raining this morning and the forecast is not good. Time to go back to work on this nationals video...

40 minutes later...hey, what's that light? A what? A hole in the clouds? There's a mad stampede to the airplane - they're gonna go for it! Quickly, that hole's moving fast!

We're banging out 8-way Speed jumps between the clouds, perhaps we'll meet minimums for this event this morning.

Yes! My favorite CF event is now under way as Sequential just started round 1. Sorry the commentary is a bit lacking today; I'm trying to catch up on Nationals video work in between rounds. The weather is holding up, getting a bit breezy at times, but we're still jumping. The skysurfers & freeflyers & freestylers are starting to roll in...

WOW did Team Talon/Express come out of the gates looking good with a 10 on round 1. Very nice, good camera work too! Soul Purpose follows them with a 9, that's cool, it looks like there will be a good battle in Sequential.

Weather hold for last few hours; outlook not favorable. Dang.

An hour later, the MD has called it a day. G'night folks, hopefully a nice day tomorrow.