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Southern California drivers, I learned this morning, have an amazing ability to drive 85 mph through fog so dense you could bottle it and sell it at parties. That fog is sitting on the runway right now, and should burn off within a couple of hours...

...a couple of hours later, it's still soup. This plane is the only one flying right now, and it's topping out at 7' AGL. DOOR!

Hey you CRW dawgs, don't you know how to curry favor in the DZTV room and on the tidbits? Just make the webmaster your alternate! Hey, I've done CRW before, I even brought some sweats! Oh, come on!

The fog has burned off and the first plane load of Dawgs is barking off the runway...

...and those Wild Humans are off to a good start with 17 rotations in round 1. I sure like this air-to-air judging for CF; the last competition I watched was ground-to-air telemetry, and I don't know how they managed to judge some of it.

Looks like them thar Wild Humans are going to lap the field a couple of times before rotations are done. Their throw-away round is 5 points better than anyone else's best jump.

packing Soul Purpose dubbing
Showing off new tattoo Nancy getting her nails touched up
Roy at the DZTV/Internet Command & Control Station

The 5-round minimums for rotations have been met and Wild Humans is running circles around the competition. Of course, I'm sure they've been training their butts off for it, and I bet Soul Purpose is looking to do the same in Sequential.

8-way speed...wraps, threats of protests, fun, I don't know what else to make of it. I find rotations and sequential to be riveting by comparison. Hey, who let the - down! Down boy! Where'd these dawgs come from - retreat to the bar, quickly! AAAYE