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The final day of the formation skydiving nationals dawns with the usual dose of fog, but the weather man says it's clear in LA and it should be clearing here soon as well.

Hey you fellow techno geeks out there, I fixed my hard drive UDMA problem by moving the problem drive from the secondary IDE to the primary (slaved it to the c-drive). Now it benches 26 MB/sec read and 20 MB/sec write. WAY cool!

The judges are finishing the 16-way jumps from yesterday, and Airspeed Blue did their own Keystone Cops rendition -- one of the guys was lost and zinging around looking for his slot -- on round 5, taking almost 30 seconds to build the first formation before knocking out 7 quick points. They had such a good average going too, let's see how they do on round 6, where I'm on record for predicting a world record.

Still gray outside...I just spoke with 10-way guru Carl Daugherty about his team being busted by the judges on the last 4 rounds for using an illegal hand hold on the airplane. The video on each of his jumps clearly shows a team member in the airplane with arm extended to the left side of the fuselage, using it for balance or leverage. Carl's argument is that the place where the hand is touching the plane is in front of the door area and thus outside of the area specified in the rules. I don't know, and I don't really care, who is right or wrong in this case, but I am reaching the opinion that 10-way speed should be eliminated from the U.S. Nationals. Every year, without fail, there is a big controversy about the rules and how to interpret them, and it is growing ever more tiresome. The event has lived its useful life and now it's time to retire it. Let Quincy or Z-Hills take it over. My (T2) dos pesos.

Still socked in. Carl won his appeal on the rules interpretation, but his team is still being busted on at least one of the rounds for an illegal grip out the door.

The sun has finally poked through the clouds and 16-way is going up in a few minutes.

10-Way RIP?
My in box already has a few vocal defenders of the 10-way event. I actually think 10-way speed is a wonderful event; I even wrote the current set of rules in 1996, but USPA pared my strict language down to a much simpler version that was rife with loopholes. So I submit to all you defenders of the 10-way event: write to the competition committee at USPA with your own suggestions and feedback. Come up with a rules proposal that is simple, bullet-proof, and easy to judge. If you don't, 10-way may very well die.
The Wagner contingent, plus Al10dorfer.

These were all in the RV parking area.

Airspeed Blue round 6 just dubbed, and I snuck a peek at the video. Do we have a new world record here? Stay tuned and find out!

Knights FX is up for round 5 first, and they get a 9. Flip, Flop & Fly -- bless their souls -- have completed only one point in five rounds, but at least they're trying! Deguello slipped with a 3, so after five rounds, Knights FX move into 2nd place, well behind AZ Blue with one jump to go. I wonder if/who is going to set a world record on round 6? Anyone? Blueler?

Okay, here they -- Airspeed  Blue -- are! A good start...nice fast pace...a brain lock at the halfway mark...a fast finish...OMIGOD! The 17th point is right on the freeze frame! Will they get it? The judges review...

...they are playing it a third time now, trying to get a good start time on it...

OH NOOOOOOO! Two judges gave them the 17th and three didn't, so no world record. Well, we'll see what Knights FX and Deguello can come up with.

Deguello...nope. A slow first point, a bust, and a score of 7 points.

Knights FX...nope. A way slow first point, then hauling butt to an 11.

Flip, Flop & Fly...hey, we can dream, can't we? We'll pretend there's a 2 in front that 0...

And Perris High Octane closes out16-way with a 7, and Airspeed Blue has blown away the competition with an 18 point victory over Knights FX. But hey - Deguello wins the bronze, and the webmaster will get to go home with a medal! ;-)

The left hand of USPA's Nany Koreen Can anyone identify this person?
Packing Kathy packing Paige Macdonald paging

The last two rounds of 10-way speed are about to be judged...will Airspeed hold on to complete the first sweep in Nationals memory?

If there's anyone out there still watching, we're about to finish up 10-way...

...oh my, who would have ever thought the Golden Knights couldn't build a formation in competition. A big 40.00" for round 5. Ouch! A Raeford Dragon to boot. I'd have thought they had that one whipped.

Well if it's any consolation for anyone, Airspeed built the wrong formation in round 6, but they caught it fast enough to get a 17.44 and hold on to the win.

That's it, the FS nationals are in the can, and Airspeed has swept the events! And way cool is the fact I'm going home with a silver and a bronze without lifting my ass out of this chair. ;-) t2

Pictures coming later...
10-Way Bronze Golden Knights

The only member of 2nd place “Skydive Chicago STL” still on the
 drop zone was the alternate - le webmaster ;-)

10-Way Gold Airspeed

The only members of 3rd place “Deguello” left on the drop zone. Thanks Jack!

16-Way Silver Golden Knights FX
16-Way Gold Airspeed Blue
Combined Champions of Belly Flying
The Godfrog Award goes to Perris Extreme 10