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We are again waiting for the daily fog to lift, so check back soon for more 16-way competition.

I have photos posted from last night's 8-way awards on yesterday's tidbits. Many thanks to Paige Macdonald for the photos! Um, at 1000 we are still fogged in. The competitors have just been released until noon. I hear they are jumping in Florida and Arizona ;-)

Bookworms. The only plane flying right now.
The TV picture is faked.

The meet director has just released all competitors until 1400. Solid overcast at grande.

Hey you fellow techno geeks out there: the webmaster has a mysterious hardware problem. Who ever solves it gets a free nationals video. Here it is: I have a new 60 gig UDMA hard drive for AV editing (D drive). It worked fine for days after installing it. Then one day it mysteriously decided that it was no longer a DMA compatible drive and will now work only in PIO mode (and therefore won't handle DV capture or playback). This is the case regardless of whether I boot to Win98 or Win2000 or yes even Linux 2. Anyone? By the way, my C drive (not the new 60 gig) is UDMA, same manufacturer (Maxtor), has the same driver, and it stays in DMA mode no problem. MB is an Iwill, Pentium III 500, all late great hardware and BIOS.


A response to Rob Work's I's & O's article:

I have to say that with more thought, I strongly agree with Rob's position. While I 100% support the integration of the videographer into a 100% member of the team, there is definite merit in his views. Rob alludes to the fact but does not come out and directly say it, so I will... If a formation cannot be scored because of video angle, framing etc. then it would be almost hypocritical to penalize it as well (If you can't see it well enough to credit it, you can't see it well enough to penalize it). The point simply does not count. I know and support the view that teams need to prove to the judges a point in order to be credited, but as with most things, it has its limitations. There is no incentive to top level teams between choosing an O or J, they both hurt and everybody works hard at eliminating them both. To me the discrepancy comes in, not with the rules but the lack of consistency in judging. You would know better than I how to fix that, but I believe that remains the area where this problem needs to be fixed. Have all the judges on the same page prior to the meet commencing on when to score a J or not.

- Graham Harding

T2 responds:
I too agree with many of Rob's points, but not his fundamental position. If the judges are to determine what is a J or 0 before a meet starts, by  what standards are the teams supposed to train at all year before the meet? I still challenge anyone to submit an objective definition that separates in black and white when a non-judgeable formation is the team's fault or the camera flyer's fault. What distance? What angle? If you want consistency in judging, you need objective rules that can be applied without discussing who is at fault.

The competitors have just been released until 1600.

This morning I posed the following question to Dan BC:
“Is Airspeed going to represent the U.S. in 8-way at the World Meet next year?”

To which he responded,
“We are going to discuss the possibilities and make an announcement in a couple of weeks. We want to be sure the U.S. fields the best possible team in both 4- and 8-way.”

I like that answer.

At 1500 it's still cloudy here and we're all sitting around reading books and watching videos while I work on my computer. Speaking of my computer, I'll be using it to make the Nationals video, and I can promise you it will be my best video ever. I know this because Wendy Smith and Michael McGowan have been shooting lots of cool footage for me to use in addition to all the stock competition footage. I'm playing one of Wendy's rough edits on DZTV right now and it's excellent stuff!

The illustrious Meet Director has just called it a day. Not one load got off the ground. So much for the forecast!

See you bright and early tomorrow!

;-) T2