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I'm working on a bunch of pictures from the awards and party last night, and I'll have them on this page shortly. It was a great time.

The e-mail of the day:

“I've heard nothing but bad about your site. I figured I would try it for myself and they were right. Every time you pick 4 way advanced or intermediate for the results it locks up the computer with no data showing. Is it that difficult to set up a page that works? By the time you post something we can read we will find the information somewhere else.”

Well, okay then. Ted's working on some software that will post the results live to a plain vanilla .html page that even Netscape 2.0 on a 386 won't choke on.

For the record, those results pages *WILL* load on most Netscape browsers, you just have to wait a minute or two for them to render. It will look like the browser is locked up, but it's not. Be patient. I've heard that Netscape 6 fixes the problem. The web site does say “Best Viewed with Any Damn Browser” and we don't take that commitment lightly.

Read Ted's response to the e-mail HERE.

Melanie gives an eloquent introduction The MD gives the acknowledgements
Open champions Airspeed Vertical
Open silver medallists FX
Open bronze medallists PD Blue
Advanced champions Teiwaz
Advanced silver medallists Nemesis
Advanced bronze medallists DeLand PD Gold
Intermediate champions DeLand Tunnel Rage
Intermediate silver medallists Focus 4
Intermediate bronze medallists Dallas 4-Quest

The 8-way briefing and draw is at 1930, and we'll have that and the teams posted shortly. So far there are 15 teams registered for 8-way; 7 Open and 8 Intermediate.

Tomorrow's Tidbits page will open with some more dialogue about competition video and Maubeuge. Participation will be welcome and encouraged.

Thanks to all of you who have written today, we appreciate your support (without which I don't think we'd bother with all this).