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Good morning campers! The sun came out bright and early this morning and we're skydiving hard!

Those Tunnel Ragers really smoked round 3 in Intermediate and have pulled ahead of the pack with two rounds to go. Dallas 4-Quest stumbled with a 4 on round 4 to fall into a tie with Focus 4.

4-way Open round five: the top six teams all scored 16s and 17s. Vertical showed some nice Tee work and is skydiving the cleanest of all the teams; they add a point to their lead over FX and PD Blue. FX is going to have to dig deep to catch Vertical down the stretch; perhaps that all-random round 10 may give them that chance. It's quite possible that six rounds will close out today's jumping and put 4-way in the can.

USPA's Larry Bagley and meet director John DeSantis
Dan the Man the Manifester Extraordinaire
Bryan Burke updates the scoreboard

[t2 waits for the building to stop shaking as the DC-3 rotates off the runway] Okay then, we're rolling into round 6 and the only team with a significant lead is Tunnel Rage in Intermediate.

T1 wrote yesterday that he thought the GK Gold 4-way looked like, well, half an 8-way team doing 4-way. Well, they really didn't look that way to me for four rounds, staying right up there with PD Blue and the Norgies through the opening rounds, but they stumbled in round 5 with a bust and a score of 13. Some very respectable 4-way by any measure.

Cool...if things keep going like this I might get to FUN JUMP tomorrow...;-)

For those of you who wish to send e-mail to a team or competitor, send it to this address: (substitute the names accordingly) and the drop zone will post it on the bulletin board. For those of you who wish to send me adoring fan mail, I'm If you like what OmniSkore does, the wizard behind the curtain is

Back to work...round five of Intermediate just wrapped up and DeLand Tunnel Rage, barring a total collapse in round six, will win the gold while Focus 4 and Dallas 4-Quest battle for the silver and bronze. Guest team Blaze should finish second in the point standings. 

As the two judging panels do 4-way Open simultaneously, I'm glued to the TV watching the action. Vertical was the fastest on round six, but busted to a 23, while FX, PD Blue, Zulu, GK Gold, and Maubeuge all posted fast 24s. FX and Vertical are separated by a single point with three jumps to go. Who will earn the right to represent the US at the World Meet next year? Will Maubeuge hang on for the points victory heading into the World Cup next month?

PD Blue gets some bonus OmniPoints for outstanding video work and clean, judgeable skydiving. Those guys look like the most improved team of the meet. Let's hope they stick together, I see a lot of potential.

Dubbers dubbing Norgies norging
Creepers creeping

One of my dear friends scolded me lightly this morning for my remarks regarding Maubeuge's video quality. I would like to make it clear that I'm not picking on Maubeuge because they are Perris or France or whatever (not that that wouldn't be fun). I try to give credit where credit is due and be critical where critique is due, and when you are the defending World Champions, your performance bears scrutiny. Ask my home team (Airspeed Vertical) videographer about remarks I made to him several weeks ago: “Stein, if you fly any flatter, I'm going to pour syrup on you and have you for breakfast.” Maubeuge is a group of very talented young men that I personally hold in the highest regard. But their video and judgability is not nearly in the same class as teams like Airspeed.*,  PD Blue, or the Norgies. 

Well allrighty then, the scores march in. Round 6 of Advanced just wrapped up, and BJU5 has upped its lead to three over Optic Nerve, five over Teiwaz, and ten over Nemesis. 

Michael McGowan, Brent Finley, and Tom Sanders. Tom is shooting Intermediate team Flashpoint, his first competition video, I believe. Cool!

Below, DeLand Tunnel Rage is all smiles after nailing down the Intermediate gold medal. Congratulations guys and gal!

Every now and then I manage to get out of the DZTV room and walk around, take a few pictures, and eavesdrop on some conversations. There is a very high spirit of competition at these championships. Melanie promised a meet that catered to competitors, and she has delivered a winner. Most people are talking about the great battle in 4-way Open.

4-way Intermediate is now in the can, and DeLand Tunnel Rage - who pulled away from the pack with a 22 on round three and never looked back - is the winner, with a jump-off between Dallas 4-Quest and Focus 4 to determine the silver and bronze.

LATE BREAKING NEWS the Advanced Class leader BJU5 has just been declared a GUEST team, handing the outright medal lead to Teiwaz. Whoa! Is there an Aussie on the team? Orla maybe? Okay, 4-way Open round 7 is coming up...

...and Airspeed Vertical did a near-perfect 21 that's going to be tough to match. And indeed, FX/Norgies/PDBlue all put 19s on the board, so Vertical's medal lead is now three points, and Maubeuge has a...ouch, that looked like a busted compress step...yes ouch it is, and they get a 17, and we now have a new leader on the board in Airspeed Vertical. A four point swing on round 7! Wow.

The judges hard at work earning their $40.00 smacks a day.

T1 Bit #2

So what does everyone think about the new rules? (Naturally that’s just a shallow lead-in line. ;) The rules are never perfect, and here’s what I think about them, because you certainly are entitled to my opinion ;)

Thumbs Up:

  • New Event Class Definitions. Kudos to Brenda Reid, Danny Page and the USPA Competition Committee for the new Open / Advanced / Intermediate classifications; after years of debate and trial and error, they finally have it right. The "professional" teams are competing for the U.S. Team slot in the Open category, while a whole lot of very good teams are duking it out in the Advanced.
  • New/adjusted Intermediate rules. The reduced dive pool, 3-or-4 point page, six round meet, and no-additional-point-loss-for-penalty rules are all working as intended. A keeper, but the rules need one simple adjustment: if a team omits an inter (e.g., in an attempt to save time and get more points), award an "Omitted Formation" penalty on the second point of the block, instead of "Incorrect Inter", since the second point of a block and its inter are judged as an atomic (indivisible) unit.
  • Ten rounds for Advanced and Open, always forever & ever, "on" and "off" years, with a cut only if deemed necessary by the Meet Director and only at Round 10.

Thumbs WAY [editor: WAY WAY WAY] Up:

  • It’s bring-your-own, it’s bring-your-own!!! I’m speaking of your videographer, of course. For everybody, all classes. If you leave your home DZ without one, don’t expect Scotty Meet Director to beam you one down. More on this one below …

Thumbs Down:

  • Blindly adopting the IPC’s new double-bust rule. They took a well-intentioned but ill-thought-out rule and cut & pasted it into the SCM. Sure, it’s no fun getting two busts for one mistake, but this can (and does) happen in situations not covered by this rule; are we going to have new rules for those situations too? As a minimum, USPA should add just enough verbiage to make it clear that the team must correct the mistake early enough in the inter to show the intent of the inter. For example, if a team builds an Open Stairstep with an extra grip by the point or tail (making a sidebody instead of a stairstep), and then executes most of the inter before dropping the extra grip just prior to building the Compressed Stairstep, then half the team has done the inter of a Zig Zig – Marquis (a faster block!) instead of Open – Compressed Stairstep. As it is, the new rule has got protest written all over it. (Fortunately, no team has yet to benefit from the new rule … knock on wood!)
  • There is still no adequate definition and discussion of "Not Judgeable." This is not a new issue of course, but as a judge I have grown weary of [not] finding a consensus on the distinction between "NJ" and, well, what is judgeable. This wouldn’t be a big deal to me if "NJ" was treated the same as a penalty in the calculation of the score (deduction of a point), but it’s not – it results in no additional loss of a point. But the same competition rules say it is the responsibility of the team to show the formations, inters and separations. Now, if a team’s videographer habitually flies very flat and/or far away, where the judges simply can’t see what’s going on, should the judges assess penalties or NJs?

    My position on the matter is that since the videographer is part of the team, it is their responsibility to clearly present the formations on the video, and any failure to do so should be treated consistently. At what point in a video of dubious quality is the lack of visible separation due to lack of team demonstration (i.e., flashing), or lack of quality (steep) video? Inquiring mind wants to know!!!

Let your own opinion be known to the USPA Competition Committee!

Yeah. What he said.

4-way Advanced, the jump off for the silver medal was a tie, so they are up for a second tie-breaker jump. 4-way Open round 8: the tight races continue. Airspeed picked up another point on Maubeuge, but FX and PD Blue closed the gap on both of them with their own 19s. This one is looking to be a classic finish!

Thank you j**** and t**** for the wonderful virtual cocktail <hic>. we apresheate it <hic>. 

With 4-way nearly complete, there has been only one rejump (I'm not sure what for). With a video pool, that number would be more like 10 or 20 or more. This is *SO* nice.

If the judges are able to push buttons fast enough, the meet will be having the 4-way awards tonight...with two rounds left to judge that will be a late one...

...and we finally have a silver medallist in Intermediate, as Focus 4 edged Dallas 4-Quest on the second jump off. Congratulations to both of you!

Kate & Tedro & Dany Nice hair, great pack jobs!
Getting ready for 8-way

Now they're judging Open round 9, and in reverse order of standing (way cool). Norgies: 17 points...PD Blue: 16 points...this isn't a fast skydive...Maubeuge: 18...FX: ouch, not a good jump, a 13, a disastrous jump for them...Vertical: looking strong, an 18! So after 9 rounds, Vertical has a two point lead over Maubeuge and a seven point lead over FX and the Norgies. PD Blue in third for the medal standings!

A big crowd is riveted on the final rounds of 4-way Open and Advanced.

Advanced Class - after some early miscues, defending Advanced points champion Optic Nerve has recovered nicely and taken a three point lead over BJU5, with Teiwaz holding on firmly to the gold medal position.

The Norgies need to kick some butt in round 10 or T1 is visiting the swimming pool!

Oops, I think I jinxed Optic Nerve - they busted the end of round nine and got a 9. Sorry Doc!

Manifest just announced they've done 130 loads today, a Perris record. That's a lot of parachute packing! Round 10 coming up here in a few, ya'll stay awake now, hear?

As I type the below results, the DZTV door is open, and a resounding cheer is going up with each team just yards away. World Meet team selection and Top Gun bragging rights now develop in the final round -

4-WAY OPEN ROUND 10, being judged in reverse order of standings:
404 GK Gold: 31 points, nice and smooth
409 AZ Zulu: A little out of synch, 31 points
407 PD Blue: Smoother, another 31
406 FX: Trouble again...33 maybe, a 33 clean!
408 Norgies: After a slow start, a 33!
411 Maubeuge: Very sloppy start, out of synch...a 29, a gift from the judges, that was very sloppy skydiving
401 Vertical: Needs to outscore PFM by one to win -  a slow start, but smooth as glass, and it's a...32! Airspeed Vertical wins! What an exciting finish!

T1 thinks that five randoms for round ten should be a rule, and I just might agree. Airspeed Vertical showed substantial poise under pressure, and the best team won. What an amazing two days of 4-way. I've never seen it done so fast, and with 77 teams.

But 4-way is not done, as the judges now go to work on round 10 of Advanced. Final report coming up shortly, meanwhile it's off to the Bomb Shelter for a brew!

The last of the Advanced class is being judged, final results coming up...

...and Teiwaz wins the gold, followed by Nemesis and DeLand PD Gold. Out in front of all in the point standings are guest teams BJU5 and Optic Nerve. Can you tell we're tired over here? What a long day of great skydiving, but I'm sure you're tired of hearing it. We got a day off coming tomorrow, with 8-way starting on Tuesday. Great job by everyone!

We'll have a report here tomorrow just to let you know what's going on, but there won't be any competition jumps. Can you believe that? C'ya!