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Morning Preview

As first call for round one of 4-way draws ever closer, I don't think I've ever seen so much excitement and anticipation prior to the beginning of a Nationals competition. The field is worthy of a world meet, with all three of last year's medal winners from Corowa competing. World champions Perris Maubeuge, two Airspeed teams, and the DeLand Norgies are all here, along with the Golden Knights and a WHOLE LOT of 4-way teams.

8-way will be big too: the Golden Knights are looking to avenge their 1998 loss to Airspeed 8, and they've recruited some old faces to help: Paul Rafferty is back in black and gold, along Trevor McCarthy and Paul Raspino. And they'll probably need that experience, because Airspeed 8 is planning on trotting out their full 1999 world championship lineup. Can you say cat fight? If Airspeed wins 8-way, are they going to represent the USA at next year's world meet?

Meanwhile, Melanie has once again done her homework (including the all-important padded swivel chair for the webmaster) and the DZ is primed and ready for what may be the biggest nationals ever.

For those of you wondering what happened to the picture, well, somebody done complained about it, if you can believe that. Bill Clinton can get a b--- j-- in the white house and not have sex, but one half-naked girl makes this site pornographic. Go figure.

The 4-way analysis: Airspeed Vertical is the odds-on favorite, but many people have high expectations for 1998 World Cup champions Generation FX. World Champion Maubeuge, competing as guests and with two new members, looks for bragging rights heading into the World Cup, but the DeLand Norgies, fielding the same squad that won the bronze in Corowa, just may top the whole field. The Golden Knights also have a strong 4-way squad, and for sure don't count out DeLand PD Blue. Bottom line: this is going to be one of the best 4-way battles ever.

The weather outlook is terrific, and if the morning fog that has been a problem here lately leaves us alone, then stay tuned for a great show.

The fit starts to hit the shan tomorrow.

A morning haze lingers but the forecast is good.

Afternoon Outlook
As of 1130, 40 4-way teams have officially registered, and I expect that number may double by the end of registration.

2200 Hours (10:00 p.m. for you civilians)
We didn't hit 80 teams, but 77 is still a nationals best turnout: 11 Open, 34 Advanced, and 32 Intermediate. Cool!

Round 10 is, appropriately enough, an all-random burner, so don't count anybody out until the rotund woman warbles. First call is 0630, and if the fog holds off, it's going to be a long hard day of skydiving. See you there!