1999 Valentine's Money Meet Tidbits
(timbits + tedbits)

Friday, February 12, 1999: Prologue
Greetings, skydivers, wuffos, and cyber divers. It is the day before the meet, and we are in crunch mode setting up all the equipment. We aren't holding back on anything: we're setting up just like it was for the Nationals, with full DZ TV production, Twin Otter "Cabin Cams," the judges' fish bowl, the whole nine yards. An awful lot of work for a two-day meet, but it's worth it. It looks like it's going to be a good one; the Knights and Airspeed are here, and both 8-way teams are also doing 4-way (remember the good old days?). Perris/Maubeuge is here along with the French 8-way, and teams are streaming in from across the land.

There will not be a great deal of running commentary for this meet, as Ted and I are both in the booth passing judgement on teams. But we've got Dad here taking team pics and posting results, plus the webcam will be running the whole time.

Friday Evening:
The teams are drawn and posted, I'll have the draw up first thing in the morning. Stay tuned for a great show!

Saturday - 4-way
We're half way through 4-way -- it's after noon -- and Perris/France Maubeuge has taken a 5-point lead over Airspeed after three rounds. They were tied after two until Airspeed overturned a Zig-Zag and lost precious seconds. This is going to be a good one!

The "DZ TV" Webcam is not working; since I am judging I do not have time to figure out what is wrong (it's a server-side issue). Sorry, maybe tomorrow!

Back to the booth...

...After 4 rounds, Maubeuge has a strong 5-point lead over Airspeed, who struggled to a tie with Maubeuge on round 4. FX is in third and Genesis in fourth; the Golden Knights Gold and Airspeed Purple are tied for fifth.

Maubeuge looks very fast and clean, although they are not as easy to judge because of the camera distance and the suit colors (blue and white, really bleeds). It will be something to watch these teams in Australia this fall!

2:00 p.m.
It's a wrap on five rounds, and Maubeuge has a 3-point lead on Airspeed going into the final round. Maubeuge hauled some booty on round five, but got busted to a 17. Space Center FX (who by the way is jumping without starter Dawn English, we hear she is injured) is alone in third.

Final round action coming right up...

3:00 p.m.
...Maubeuge cranked hard on round 6 and posted an impressive (if somewhat sloppy) 19. Airspeed will need a 22 to tie; even then they would lose the tie-breaker, so they really need a 23. Quick: When was the last time that Arizona Airspeed placed other than first in a 4-way meet? Anyone? Answer: NEVER

and Airspeed's round six is...

...19 POINTS! Perris/France Maubeuge has just upset Arizona Airspeed to win the Valentine's Meet 4-way event! Space Center FX takes the bronze!


Are we done yet? One more? Somebody hand those French guys a cold one!

<snip> the judging controversy. That will be in another page I'll write and link to later.

Well, that wraps up an exciting day of 4-way. The 8-way draw is going up tonight, there are 5 open teams and probably 2 intermediate. Look for another good duel between Airspeed and the Knights, and look for France to lurk for a sweep of the Valentine's Money Meet.

Is anybody on line this weekend? Not ONE piece of e-mail about this meet today. Are we old hat now? ;-)

Sunday, Valentine's Day
The DZ TV Webcam is up!
Good Morning! Are we ready for a great day of 8-way FS competition? How come Essonne showed up with brooms?

Hey Julie - your Passion 8 girls love you and miss you!

The first 2 teams, GK and France, are on a 15-minute call...

...and they're off to the races! GK came out the gates looking a little rusty and did a 17. Essonne followed moments later with the same score; they look like a team that's been training hard (which they have). Airspeed charged out in front with an 18; they look really sharp, and the defending National Champions will be the team to beat. Round 2 coming up...

...Airspeed sparkled again and picked up two more on the Knights, 21 to 19. France Essonne did not fare so well; they had a botched build of a compressed accordian that resulted in a double bust and a lot of wasted time, and had to settle for a 10. Meanwhile, the Passion 8 girls look really good, and they're skydiving ain't so shabby either.

There are a couple of 8-way teams whose camera flyers are doing "leading" exits (not naming names, but they're from Perris and France). The primary hazards of this technique are 1. the judges have difficulty knowing when to start the clock when the camera leaves first (split times are through the roof) and  2. the angle on the first point is usually flat. The first point alone is reason not to use the leading exit for competition 8-way. It drives judges nuts!

Round 3 action...some of the teams decided to play UGLY BALL and make the judges work. Airspeed, despite one of many busts for teams on the round, padded their lead by six points and go up by 9 over the Knights and 19 over France. Those lovelies from Perris are the only team to not bust so far (oops, sorry to jinx you ladies). Mom's made some of her famous fried chicken and it's munch prime lunch time.

Round 4...After the soup sandwich that was round 3, the big dogs have taken a deep breath and a step back for round 4...Airspeed is showing they haven't slowed a notch since the nationals, and they have a 10-point lead over the Knights and 21 ahead of France. Perris Passion 8 is my favorite team to judge; they are smooth and clean and show everything to the judges.

Yesterday I was having to run back and forth between my office and the judges' fishbowl for my Internet updates. Today, I've got my computer in the fishbowl with a phone line run from the office. After we judge a skydive, I reach over and punch the score in the computer, seconds later it's on the Internet, and the team is still in freefall or under canopy!

Round 5...Airspeed is continuing their 8-way clinic, and except for the flailing act on the bottom of round 3, they have looked superb.

France Essonne...come on guys, you've got to lose those awful white and blue suits and tighten up your video. You are REALLY hard to judge.

4:15 p.m. IT'S A WRAP
It's Airspeed in a mild runaway, they sure put on a good show today. What a great weekend of competition skydiving, and congratulations to Maubeuge and Airspeed! See you next time!


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