Thursday, September 23

Dad is taking all the team photos out here, as well as...7:00 a.m.
My head hit the pillow and the alarm went off. Wasn't I here ten minutes ago? Starting 8-way shortly, but we're also doing 4- and 10-way today.

The first two days, I was starting to wonder if anyone was out there. This morning I got in there were 25+ messages in the inbox, and only two of them were for corrections. Thanks! It's feedback like that that keeps us going. I hear planes cranking up outside...

Tiffany, one of the heroines behind the scenes here...while we're waiting for some results, a little discussion about the judging. Last night in the tiki bar there was a lot of grumbling among the competitors about how clean their skydiving was and how badly they were busted anyway. Much of the controversy centers around the fact that if the judges don't see the point or the inter, they don't give credit for it. Many teams were busted because the video angle was flat enough to keep the judges from seeing what they needed to see, and the teams got a lot of I's. So much of the discussion then centered on what is a "J" versus what is an "I" if the judges can't see an inter. Is it the team's fault or the camera's fault? Is it a bust, or a rejump? Hopefully it won't matter next year with a little rewrite of the rules; the only J that should be allowed is because of clouds/water/etc. It should be the team's responsibility to show the performance requirements to the judges via the camera. And if the judges don't see it, it's because the team/videographer didn't show it to them.

Dan Palasch & Darryl DOkay then, AZ8 scored a 22 on round 6. Their skydiving is looking so nice; they are getting that little "pause" on each point that I always liked so much about the Knights' style of jumping. Keeps the judges happy and the team in sync. Too bad they won't be around for 10- and 16-way, they gotta go get ready for Australia, where they will of course represent the USA in both 4- and 8-way Formation Skydiving. And of course we will be there bringing it to you via this web site!

I've received several e-mails asking why "guest" teams aren't being listed in the official standings. "Guest" teams are not eligible to win medals under the rules, and as such they are not listed with an official placement. But they are still listed on the results tables. Also the reason some 4-way teams have completed 8 rounds while others have done only 4 is because of many 4-way teams are also doing 8-way. Teams like FX stayed with 4-way. And if AZ4 or another team ties FX's record 37 in round 6, FX gets to keep the record because they did it first.

10:00 a.m.
Everyone is wondering what is up with the Knights rounds 5 & 6. Apparently the tape is stuck in the camera and they can't get it out or play it. We're still waiting for it...

Brian Rogers ponders the fate of the Golden Knights' camera. 
Somewhere in this mess lies their round 5!
The story is the camera just plain died with the tape in it.

Meanwhile, we've actually wrapped up one event here at this competition, and the winners of 8-way Intermediate are Converging Gangs in first, Lebanon Air Fr8 second, and Excruci8 third (missed 2nd by one point). These results are not yet official though until a Chief Judge or Meet Director tells me so.

Perris Passion 8 creepingOkay now...they got that tape out of the mess, and GK8 round 5 is...a...29! Now THAT was some seriously smooth skydiving. They were so smooth it looked like slow motion, gliding through the points. VERY impressive. That's good enough to bring them into a tie with AZ8 on the leaderboard! Pending round 6 which is...a...looking! A 24! Whatever the Knights had for dinner last night, gimme some of that! They now lead 8-way by 2, and minimums for the event have been met. Wow!

12:00 noon
Everyone still out there? Airspeed, Purple, Genesis etc. are up in the air for round 6 of 4-way. Any of them going to top FX's record 37 point jump? 

Holy BANDWIDTH Batman, I just ran a lunchtime check of my e-mail. Thank you all, thank you very much (taking a bow here). Too many to respond to right now. But to the two more of you who asked what is a "guest" team, once again that is a team that has at least one member who is not a citizen of the United States and is thus ineligible to win a medal at these championships. Hold it - round 6 is up - Sebastian XL - yes this is a guest team, the Brits - nice exit...going fast...going to be a British record at least...35 points! Looked clean too, yes that is registered. And up next is...GK Black...this is the "older" team that used to be the one to beat, now the "younger" Gold squad has been kicking butt...they're out now...very smooth...and a 34 clean! Purple is up next...can you believe all these 30s going up on the Team USA Gearboard? Purple, industrial haze...a 36! Clean again. Up next is...DeLand Genesis...looking good, a bit's...a...32. Uhm, not bad I guess! And GK Gold is...a 33...and now the moment we've been waiting for, Airspeed is looks really's's''s a 39! AIRSPEED HAS A NEW WORLD RECORD! Whoa, my hands are shaking too much to type. That was an awesome skydive! Remember now, the record is not official until the FAI certifies it.

I have a major change in standings; in the 8-way Intermediate, Warp Factor 8 was determined to NOT be a guest team and will take home the gold medal for that event. Gongrats Warp Factor 8!

2:30 p.m.
10-way is under way, and it is slightly sad to note that last year's CG GodFrog award winner, the Golden Knights, has withdrawn. Airspeed has also chosen to not participate, so the nine teams that are left should have a real good shootout. Speaking of -- wow, Roger Nelson's team (903) just blazed a 14.91 on round 1. That's a nice start! Last year anything below 15 was considered hot.

I have been told by the meet director that the Knights and Airspeed are still doing 8-way as much as they can today. I'll find out more about the remaining schedule and post it here as soon as I know.

At 4:00 we're judging round 7 of 8-way and on a weather hold. It looks like 10-way speed will be a race between Carl Daugherty's XTZ and Roger Nelson's Skydive Chicago STL.

The Knights are having NO luck with cameras today...first their camera is disassembled for tape extraction after round 5...then on round 7 the camera was bumped on climbout and recorded the jump at maximum exposure, so they are rejumping the round...Charlie's pretty pissed, apparently they had another good jump, they'll have to do it over again. And AZ8...very nice round 7, a 22. We're on a weather hold now, ya'll take a break, I'm gonna pull my ass out of this chair now...

5:00 p.m.
Hey you cyber diver junkies, I'm gonna have a special treat for you here soon if I can get my toys to work...okay, here it is, Airspeed's record round 6 jump on the Internet. WARNING - these files are quite large and will take some time to load! I suggest right-clicking on the link and choosing "save target as..." or whatever works for you:

How's that for taking advantage of a weather hold?

7:00 p.m.
I for the life of me can't figure out why there's not as much participation in 10-way as there is. What's interesting is practically none of the 8-way Open competitors are doing 10-way. I guess maybe nine teams isn't too bad, it sure looks like a fun event though. They are judging XTZ's round 2 right now, and they had another nice jump. Almost strange watching a Carl Daugherty team free flying 10-way! 

Tonight is the awards ceremony for the completed events of 4-way Intermediate and 8-way Intermediate. See the Page of Champions for more info. Congratulations to the winners! Now it's BEER O'CLOCK! See you tomorrow!