Sunday, September 19

8:00 a.m.
Welcome back to OmniSkore's online coverage of the US Nationals at Skydive Sebastian, the world's most -- well, it's a nice view from altitude. It rained hard overnight and the forecast for the next two days is not good. Central and southern Florida is covered with tropical moisture; we have overcast skies this morning and the DZ is sending up a cloud dummy load to check the altitude.

The bus loading area Sunday morningThere were more competitors at the competition briefing last night than I've ever seen at once. The 69 4-way teams have registered; 13 in Open, 23 in Advanced, and 33 in Intermediate. Now does that validate the 4-way classes or what? 

10:00 a.m.
We are looking for a virgin to sacrifice for the weather gods, but there's nothing but skydivers around here. How about the US National Slip-'n-Slide Championships? Let's whip out those packing mats and have some fun!

Hey wait - airplanes taking off! Skydiving! Scores being posted! This is cool!

Meet director Chris Wagner and Chief Judge June "Bug" Urschel1:00 p.m.
Well we been rockin' and rollin' the last couple of hours and knocked out a round of 4-way. Too early to call a horse this early in the race, but one of the crowd favorites is Golden Knights Gold, currently tied for second with Sebastian XL, AZ Purple, and DeLand Genesis. We've hit another weather hold so I may be able to come up for air here. I'm running DZTV and trying to get all this stuff on the 'net, the first day is always the tough one...

If there is one area where Andy & Co. have set new standards for nationals, it's in food services. There are some food services here, independent operators serving various fare around the DZ, while the DZ restaurant is serving only snacks and drinks. Last night I had the grilled mahi mahi from the mobile chef set up next to the manifest building and it was quite good.

5:25 p.m.
After a long weather hold and an equally long period of my FTP not working, the meet has been called for the day. Airspeed has posted a pair of 25s to open up their early lead over Purple and FX.

It's beer thirty. See yoos all tomorrow.