America's Cup, Perris California

Results coming shortly...still waiting at 11:30 a.m...

...and the report's just in! After two rounds, Airspeed is up by one over Perris France Maubeuge and eight in front of DeLand Genesis. Ted reports that Space Center FX had 2 busts in round 1 and 1 bust in round 2, and they are 12 points off the pace. There are 18 teams, a great turnout. I see at least 3 teams traveled from the right coast to compete in this one. Great show! I can't wait to see how this one plays out. Now I gotta get Tedbro to fax me the draw...I'll be back...

...okay the draw is posted...after three rounds, Airspeed has a five point lead in raw points. Maubeuge had one bust in round 3. With the handicaps figured in, the leaders are Arizona Flashpoint, DeLand Genesis, and Perris Cruise-O-Matic, with Airspeed in 4th.

It's 8:15 in the morning and I haven't heard any round 6 results yet. Must have been a hell of a party last night...


BTW, Tim is posting these results via faxes from Ted, who does not have Internet access in Perris for some reason.

8-Way: In round 1, Perris Passion 8 (go girls!) came within a point of matching Team USA's (a.k.a. Airspeed) score. Looks like the girls from Perris have been practicing!

Final results in, it looks like those girls really put it to Team USA and the Air Force. I love it - the America's Cup gold medallists for Perris Valley 1999 consists of 10 girls and 2 guys. Cool!

For the next two America's Cups (Houston and Cross Keys) we will hopefully have the webcam running, along with some detailed coverage of the competition. After that, be sure to visit for the Nationals and World Meet. If you've like what we've done before, you'll LOVE what's coming up this fall! Don't miss it!

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