1998 World Cup of FS, Freestyle & Skysurf

"Stylin' & Surfin' 1998"

Freestyle & Skysurf News and Commentary by Tamara Koyn

(Tamara is serving on the judging panel for Freestyle & Skysurf)

Thursday, 23 September

Welcome to the 1st edition of the Stylin' & Surfin' 1998! This E-newsletter will include brief summaries on what's happening at the World Cup, including jumping operations, routine highlights, and standings.

Brief History...

It is today, Thursday, that competitors had the opportunity to unleash their creativity and the initial relative standings became apparent. In men's freestyle, Omar performs a very modern, new age type of routine in which both himself and his camera flyer, Greg, perform relative tracking and circling motions and under/over transitions closely linked with looping rotations. Arnaud of France comes off the plane almost as if making a "breast stroke" into his pike front loops and then executes double twisting back loops in an array of moves which also include under/over transitions with his camera flyer, Tzifkansky.

Please stay tuned to "Stylin' & Surfin' 1998" for more details to come!