1998 Skydive Arizona
Valentine's Day Money Meet

Just a few quick notes to let you all in on some of the details...4-way was uneventful, as Airspeed ran away from the field, with Airspeed Purple (Vortex?) and Sebastion XL in 2nd and 3rd. Airspeed Edge took 4th...

Of course, the big event everyone was watching was 8-way, with the World Champion Golden Knights up against Arizona Airspeed 8. The event started out close, with the Knights holding a one-point lead at the end of Saturday's jumping. The Knights lost their primary camera man to injury a couple of weeks ago, so they asked me to fill in for the meet. So what did I do? I had a camera shut down on climb out on round 2 (the air-to-ground transmitter cable got tension and shut off the standby switch) so they had a rejump. Not fun for me. I think they may have lost a point on the rejump, they looked slower and more deliberate.

The first four rounds of 8-way were all judged on 35 seconds working time because of a cloud layer that moved in.

Sunday morning, the Knights busted round 4 and Airspeed took a two-point lead. The Knights smoked round 5 with a 20 to pull even, and then after a slow start on round six, they blazed another 20 for a two-point win. Some awesome skydiving by both teams!

If this meet is a sign of things to come between these to teams this year, it is going to be a great year for skydiving. Don't miss the finale at the Nationals, it's going to be SRO in the hanger when these teams are on jump run!