1998 CF Nationals Tidbits

I'm going to do my best to have some running commentary here, but most of my assistants (Ted, Dad, Mom, Sarah, etc.) have gone home to pay the bills and I'll be running most of the show by myself. We had thought that Wednesday (tomorrow) would be registration and official practice, but it looks like we are getting started today. I'll have an update on teams and schedule of events later today or tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 11

We are starting with Rotations this morning. I will have team info and photos, along with the sequential and 8-way draw, as soon as I can. Webcam is running. Stick around!

9:20 a.m.
Rotations is done through round 2 and . It is COLD here this morning! The grass was crunchy walking to the hangar at 6:00 this morning, and it hasn't warmed much since.

10:20 a.m.
DOH! I goofed up the results page and the leader names, now they are fixed (I hope). It's Wild Humans out in front of Soul Purpose though three rounds of rotations, the judges are still working on the scores for the round. Where's my dang mocha at...

1:40 p.m.
Five rounds of rotes are in the bag, and it's no contest as Wild Humans run away from the pack. It looks live we've got some weather moving in (that happens here a couple times a year) and we might not get round six up today.

I'm pretty disappointed with the turnout for CF at these nationals. The DZ-TV viewing area had exactly one person in it both times I checked it out, and that was the meet director! Maybe a bunch of people are watching this here.

Thursday, November 12

8:15 a.m.
It is a very cool and overcast morning, but conditions look jumpable. We are sending the first load up with Al Altendorfer as a wind dummy (like he needs wind for that ;-) and starting out with Sequential. Here we go...

11:15 a.m.
Okay, after a several-hour cloud/drizzle/bumpy hold, we've got one round of Sequential on the board.  I might have the team names still wrong on the results page, I'll go check them out...

1:10 p.m.
Has everyone voted in the USPA elections yet? Vote for Larry Hill! Vote for Larry Hill! Just vote darnit! What's that? What CReW meet? Hey, Kathy Ireland is on TV -

2:30 p.m.
You know you're a CReW dog when...
...you've logged 80% of your freefall time from cutaways
...you're rigger drives a BMW
...you're arm convulses when you hear someone yell "GO!"
...you own a creeper, and it's in the garage
...you're in a canopy wrap, and the number one thing on your mind is the new lyrics to the song you were just singing on jump run.

We're through three rounds of Sequential now, and Soul Purpose's soul purpose is to stay ahead of Lodi CRW. The weather has turned quite nice, so we may get through six rounds today.

4:15 p.m.
That Soul Purpose squad, they are looking pretty good through four rounds. Very consistent and fun to watch. Sorry I don't got no pics (with sorries to  my English teacher too) but I don't got no digital camera around anymore, so we gotta wait for the old-fashioned film to come back through my scanner. But trust me, these guys ain't much to look at anyway ;-p. thwackHEY! Where'd that shoe come from? Bad CReW dogs...

5:40 p.m.
Well that's another day of CF gone by, everybody lived to brag about it, and Soul Purpose is pouring cold ones at the beer truck with a five-point lead over Lodi CRW. Tomorrow I believe we are starting out at oh-dark-thirty *again* (sigh) with 8-way Speed. Good night everybody!

Friday, November 13

7:00 a.m.
Agh! We're doing CReW on Friday the 13th! I walk out of the hanger a minute ago and there's a bunch of Hohokam Indians doing a ritual fire dance. No wait - that's Wild Souls dirt-diving round one of 8-way...

10:00 a.m.
I've decided that watching 8-way speed is only slightly more entertaining that watching paint dry thwack HEY! WHO'S SHOE IS THIS? Whoa, now I have a matching pair!

4:20 p.m.
We've done 7 rounds of 8-way speed, we start tomorrow at oh-dark-thirty *yet*a*gain* with Sequential. Nap time. Sing it, Frankie...

Saturday, November 14

6:30 a.m.
Okay, all three of you following this out there sent me e-mail saying, "Hey Tim, if 8-way is done through seven rounds, how come you only have the scores posted through round 5?" Here's why: Yesterday after the last jump I planted my ass in the recliner and passed out for three hours. When I woke up, I was too lazy to walk to the hangar and get the scores. God it felt good. I think we are starting here in a half hour or so...

8:00 a.m.
Hey, Airspeed is having an 8-way camp and some of my old Texas buddies are here! HOOHOO! thwackOUCH! Okay, round 8 of Sequential is coming up, and it looks like Soul Purpose is really putting it to the metal. Can I watch some football yet? thwackOUCH! Quit that!

9:20 a.m.
Paula Jones settles with Clinton! $875,000! Someone harass me PLEASE! Round 8 of Sequential coming up, after some green eggs and Spam...

11:00 a.m.
Sequential is a wrap (it's also finished) and Soul Purpose has won the gold, Lodi CRW the silver, and Wild Humans the bronze. Soul Purpose REALLY did have some nice looking jumps, almost makes me wanna try Sequential CF. Almost. Not quite. I got some spare shoes for it, though...will finish Rotations here shortly...

12:30 p.m.
Taco Bell for lunch. Hmm. Yummie. No, Lucy, get down! Bad dog! thwackOUCH! Not you! The dog! Go get on the plane! Where's my darn remote? Ah, HOT sauce this time...

1:45 p.m.
Rotations are finally complete! One more round of 8-way and these nationals are <DONE DONE DONE>. Banquet is tonight in the hangar with FRED.

3:00 p.m.
FINALLY! IT'S OVER! DONE! FINISHED! COMPLETE! Wild Souls won 8-way. Now who's gonna clean up this mess? A beer, stat!

OUTTA here. ;-)tim